Six Strategies to Grow Aggressively in the Federal Market

Achieve Triple-Digit Growth and Higher Win Rates

One-hour Video Course (with PDF Slides)

If you manage a small Government contracting business, you are one busy person. Like many other CEOs and senior executives, you still may be billable on Government contracts, write proposals in your “free” time, and run daily company operations on top of that. If you are not building a lifestyle business meant to remain small, you may feel pangs of frustration by the way things are going.

When this course was recorded, we examined the Washington Technology Fast 50 list and saw the growth rates possible in the Government Market. For example, number two on the list, Octo Consulting Group from Vienna, Virginia, boasts an annual growth rate of 228%, growing in five years from $187 thousand to $22 million. Other companies on the list show meteoric growth, ranging from 60 to 326%. You yourself probably know some teammates that may have not made the list, but have done spectacularly well for themselves. However, your company may not be quite there.

Can you relate to any of the following problems commonly
reported by small businesses?

  • Lack of a clear strategy to take the company to the next level of growth where the revenue comes at a consistently increasing rate.
  • Majority of business comes from subcontracting to others.
  • Bidding only on a handful of proposals a year, and having a low win rate to boot.
  • Lack of good personnel, processes, or tools for business development.

– If your company faces any of the common issues above;
– If you would like to learn how to change your predicament, and perhaps one day make it to the Fast 50 list yourself;
– If you want to finally have the time to focus on critical business-building tasks;

You will find this video course for CEOs and senior executives of small to mid-tier Government contracting businesses very useful for you and your company. This information-packed class will cover the following topics:

  • Why some companies make the Fast 50 list while others settle for slow growth or end up struggling for survival.
  • How small businesses in the Government market plan their growth with laser precision, prolonging their small business program benefits for as long as possible, and get better prepared for the tough mid-tier environment.
  • What growth rate a healthy Government contractor should aim for at various stages of development.
  • Four revenue-boosting categories of action for growth that all companies have to take.
  • The formula for determining how many Government pursuits a healthy company should bid on monthly and annually.
  • Specific steps for building up your business development, capture, and proposal organization, and metrics for optimizing it to achieve your desired growth rate.
  • Six specific strategies to help your company grow aggressively in the Federal market and avoid being stuck in the same place for years.

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“I found this course extremely useful and insightful. Despite our company’s experience and proposal strengths, OST Global Solutions and, in particular Olessia, made the session easy to understand and provided a wealth of information we were able to put in practice immediately after the course. I look forward to attending other courses by OST Global Solutions in the near future.”

Fernando Beltran, CEO, Identika LLC.

“OST Global Solutions classes and webinars hit the mark every time. The curriculum is focused on the needs of business development professionals in a hyper-competitive marketplace. They not only identify the most common pitfalls, but also demonstrate in detail just how to write winning proposal sections.”

Ciro Pinto-Coelho, Director, Strategy & BD, Raytheon Company

Outstanding techniques and tips, especially with regard to gaining “customer intimacy.” I am seeking to get my colleagues onboard with the training.”

Kristina Grist, Business Development, Northrop Grumman