Account Planning

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As you are looking to not only win one or two task orders on your Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) vehicle, but grow aggressively as a holder of that IDIQ contract, you need a “map” to understand help penetrate the customer’s organization. Government has many people participating in source selection process, deciding on the winner. You need to know those people. You have four goals with the customer: build the relationships, understand the customer’s hot buttons (hopes, fears, and biases), shape the requirements, and vet your solution. Government organization usually comprises:

  • The contracting officer, program manager, and other key contacts
  • Oversight authority
  • End user organizations
  • Policy and funding organizations
  • Congressional oversight and committees
  • Other offices and agencies involved in related or similar activities

Customer organization gets even more complicated for an IDIQ that serves more than one Government office and agency, with Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC), for example. Narrow down the list of clients you will pursue, and perform the same analysis for each customer.

A “map” is a visual representation that accompanies an account plan, so you could see the “landscape” of how opportunities emerge, and who is involved. It is a mix between various org charts and your notes who has relationships in your organization, with the Government. It is a living document that evolves with your level of understanding of customer organization.

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