Business Development Consulting Center of Excellence

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For more than a decade, the Business Development (BD) experts at OST Global Solutions have helped our clients win more than $22 billion in contracts. We provide:

  • Capture Management (CM) strategic and tactical counseling
  • Proposal teams (turnkey or augmentation)
  • Packaged and custom training programs (onsite and remote), including certificate tracks

We are the stellar performers in our industry — longstanding, certificated Association of Proposal Management (APMP) professionals and recognized thought leaders. We bring specific agency and program experience in all details of parsing, complying with, and excelling in federal government contracts, including Government Wide Area Contracts (GWACs) and Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) task and service orders.

We’ve also supported major business-to-business proposals, including Fortune 500 bid responses.

We’ve supported major, large-scale initiatives in IT, aerospace, military training and logistics, agency administration, and healthcare.

We’ve also shepherded small businesses, and even startups, through the growth pangs of Small Business Administration (SBA) qualification, entry-level grants, research initiatives, and Mentor-Protégé relationships.

We also bring insights on the challenges of mid-level corporate growth. For example, we have supported the processes and requirements of the transition from closely-held to public ownership — which can be both daunting and exhilarating for you, your management, and your team.

And we bring lessons learned and best practices from wins and losses. We can help your team and your organization avoid the pitfalls of incumbent complacency, reluctance to innovate, and insufficient risk management.

OST Global Solutions’ practice areas include:

Company Assessment and Strategy Development

OST will conduct a comprehensive, expert review of your company’s BD capabilities, along with a market analysis to identify pockets of work — new opportunities for you — that may not be widely known to your competitors. By this process, you’ll gain expertise in making informed decisions through reliable market data.
And you’ll focus on a clear strategic direction for growth.

BD Maturity and Proposal Assessments

We’ll show you how to diagnose issues more methodically, assess complex environments, and find optimal solutions. Ours is a highly structured, metrics-based approach.
You’ll be able to take guessing out of your BD processes.

Balanced Pipeline of Qualified Opportunities

We’ll help you focus sharply on building and tracking your BD pipeline of emerging opportunities. By increasing the number and the quality of your bids, your Probability of Winning (Pwin) will increase.

Holistic and Practical Approach to Capture

We have designed a comprehensive approach to win-strategy development, information gathering, customer contact planning, competitive analysis, teaming, and solution development.
We can train your team and position you to win well before any Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued.

Proposal Management Proven Practices

You can engage us for proposal management, proposal writing, proposal editing, desktop publishing, graphics conceptualization and design, oral proposals, and more. We can perform and deliver every aspect of developing a compliant and compelling proposal.
The result will have high Pwin.

Full Suite of Proposal Support

In addition to staffing and managing proposal teams, OST offers reachback to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Federal Contracting Consultants who can participate in crucial steps such as informal and formal (color-team) reviews, competitive price analysis, and compliance reviews. And we are expert in resource-loaded schedule development, for proposals as well as the project activities they describe.

The Winning Edge Package

We can counsel you through the full lifecycle of BD services. Our insightful support will give you a winning edge while keeping professional support affordable. With these efficiencies, you’ll be able to bid more while conserving your BD budget.

BD Classes, Webinars, and Training

Recognizing that developing internal BD and proposal resources is a core concern for all our clients, we’ve packaged our accumulated experience and refined processes into multiple modes of training and continuing education. And because of our winning proposal track record, we can share specific tools, techniques, and resources. We go beyond theory and abstract processes to strengthen your performers with action plans and goals that achieve excellence in your proposal responses and work products.

Five Certification Tracks

In both packaged and customized courses, we present competency-based proficiency development for your team members. We can hone their skills across the entire BD lifecycle. Classes geared to APMP certifications include 2-day classes in Foundation-level certs, 6-day classes in a chosen certificate level, and 2-day electives. We conserve near-term effort away from the job while enhancing long-term individual performance.

Corporate Onsite Courses

We’ll tailor our training and continuing education programs to your organization, the maturity of your BD processes, and the looming challenges of opportunities in your pipeline.

Small-Business GovCon Incubator for Federal Contractors

To leverage our specialized expertise in the Federal sector, OST pioneered the GovCon Incubator program. Its mission is to create a community of fast-growing small businesses to become the foundation of a quality government contracting force. We give small business leaders strategies for qualifying as prime contractors, participating in Federal programs aimed at nurturing small businesses, and learning how to sort through and comply with myriad program requirements.

Incubating and Accelerating Business Growth

The overarching goal of all of OST’s efforts is to help you nurture, support, and develop all aspects of your company’s BD expertise.
The result will be accelerated business growth.
What could be a better investment?

Government Contracting Business Development Consultants

Our Business development, capture, and proposal personnel work with you as if they were part of your team. Our business development experts will help you achieve a higher bid, capture, and win rates. We achieve this by implementing Key Performance Indicator (KPI)-centric approaches for identifying and qualifying opportunities, capture management, and proposal development. Our business development clients see increases in their bid, capture, and win rates in the first few months of working with our experts.

Explore our BD Center of Excellence and contact us for support.

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