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Blueprint Overview

How This Course Can Help You: Our Blueprint course will deepen your understanding of business development (BD) and help you grow professionally, regardless of your employer, position or motivation. It offers unique detours to training roadblocks, like webinars you can take on YOUR schedule, at your desk or on your lunch breaks. Plus, it’s taught by one of the most engaging, experienced instructors in the industry. When you show your boss how this training can bolster your company’s bottom line without distracting you from your regular duties, getting approval will be a cinch! More Blueprint Benefits

What’s Included & What You Can Learn: Our Blueprint is an immediately-applicable system for winning large Government contracts to grow your business consistently. It’s based on 20+ years of experience helping top Federal contractors, mid-tier and small businesses win contracts. We cover basic and advanced BD topics like strategic planning, market research, pipeline development, opportunity identification, capture and proposal management, and BD effort expansion. For just $4,997, you’ll get our Blueprint manual and 30 hours of educational webinars and Q&A sessions. Purchase Course

Who This Course Is For: This course is for Business Developers; small business owners; VPs tasked with growing their BD departments; Capture and Proposal Managers looking to grow professionally; those who are new to the industry or Federal BD, looking to supplement on-the-job training with affordable formal education, or too busy for off-site classes; Federal employees who want to learn how businesses win Government contracts; and commercial firm employees who want to expand into the Federal market. Now that you know who this class is for, Meet the Instructor.

When It’s Available & How to Get It: We just finished recording our new Blueprint webinar series and have converted it into a self-study course that you can work through at your own pace. It includes 12 educational modules presented by well-known author and speaker Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, 12 Q&A sessions with the students who participated in the live course, and our Blueprint manual. Watch the sessions and read the manual whenever you have free time, whether it’s at your desk on your lunch breaks, from the comfort of home or elsewhere. Check Out the Curriculum

More Information About Our Blueprint For Federal Business Development

Full details about our Blueprint for Federal Business Development course can be found on a special subsite dedicated to this useful course, which combines 8 of our other classes on business development, proposal management, opportunity pipeline management, and more. Here are the 5 primary informational pages you’ll find on that site, as well as a link to purchase the class:

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get a blueprint that you can use and grow your business in the Federal market, complete with the techniques, tools, resources, and best practices used by Government contracting insiders. Many Federal contractors fail to grow altogether or stop after growing once they’ve reached a modest size. The Federal market offers more than $500 BILLION in opportunities; don’t miss out on getting your piece of the pie any longer!

For additional questions: please call 301-384-3350 during normal business hours. If you’d like to pay by invoice, please email us. (NOTE: we will ship the product or send the downloadable link after we receive payment.)