IDIQ Portfolio Building Assistance

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Ensure You Have the Right Portfolio of IDIQ Portfolio Vehicles in Your Pipeline for Your Customers to Access You

Are you certain you have all the right contract vehicles to make it easy for your Government customers to do business with you? Do you have a sufficient variety of IDIQ contracts in your portfolio to get your customers to move the right Task Orders (TOs) to the one(s) where you have the least competition, making you the most likely winner?

You can protect the work you’ve been doing and/or be pursuing with enough choices to drive Task Order work to the least competitive vehicle in your portfolio. Keeping your portfolio filled with the right mix of vehicles that perfectly fit your capabilities and offer a higher win probability will also keep you stocked with bid opportunities to pursue with greater success throughout the year. Our gap analysis will prevent you from missing opportunities that are perfect for your company and that can keep business flowing all year long.

Our six-step process identifies IDIQ portfolio gaps that a typical business developer (who is not a professional data analyst) would not find using basic sources.

Six-Step Process for OST’s Portfolio Gap Analysis

Six-step process for OST Portfolio Gap Analysis: 1. Familiarization with the company; 2. Initial IDIQ Cut using IDIQ vehicles database; 3. Competitive Analysis to understand what competitors bid on; 4. Taxonomies application to identify and match IDIQ vehicles to capabilities; 5. IDIQ Vehicle analysis to confirm match through applying our decision-making parameters; and 6. Qualification and Validation to present results to the client company to ensure agreement on qualification decision.

Let Us Navigate the 2600+ IDIQs Available to Identify the Right Ones for You

We use the knowledge and skills of leading IDIQ experts, combined with 26 decision-making parameters, 12 subscription databases, and our proprietary databases filled with useful information, like available IDIQ vehicles, parents/subsidiaries, and taxonomies. We identify both large and small vehicles with “pockets of work” that are not widely known.

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