Government Business Development Maturity Assessment

The primary missions of government business development, capture, and proposal management share the same goal: winning. Our Government Business Development Maturity Assessment Tool helps successful companies recognize that building the right business development, capture, and proposal processes are key to their growth and survival. The business development lifecycle is primarily composed of four phases – Business Development Phase, Capture Phase, Proposal Phase, and the Post Award Phase as depicted below.

government business development maturity assessment track

OST Global Solutions has developed the Business Development Assessment Tool (BDAT) to examine your organization’s effectiveness in each of the four areas and assess your organization’s health.

BDAT – Business Development Assessment Tool
BDAT assess the following four phases in the business development lifecycle:

Business Development Phase: The business development phase is used to identify, secure, and/or manage relationships with customers and organizations outside of the company.  This phase is comprised of planning, analysis, customer engagement, developing the pipeline, and identifying and pre-qualifying multiple opportunities.

Capture Phase: The capture phase is the process of identifying an opportunity, assessing the environment, and implementing winning strategies oriented toward capturing a specific business opportunity.  This phase engages with the customer, gathers intelligence, develops the win strategies, analyzes the competition, firms up subcontractors and teammates, and develops the solution showing how operations would be handled.

Proposal Development Phase: A winning proposal is all about standing out from the competition by capturing the attention and the imagination of proposal evaluators. Compliant and compelling proposal themes can make the difference between winning and losing your next bid by providing evaluators with the reasons to pick you.

This phase identifies the requirements and steps necessary to prepare a proposal response including the integration of the RFP requirements with the information obtained through the business development and capture phases, assembling a dedicated team, performing bid-no-bid (BNB) and gate reviews, storyboarding, writing, color team reviews, production, final assemblage of all documents, identifying lessons learned, engaging in discussions, attending government debriefs, securing all work data into a centralized library, and maintaining internal communications regarding the award status.

Post Award Phase: This phase covers implementation of the post-delivery strategy, educating all personnel to recognize opportunities for improvement, and delivering additional services that are outside of the scope of work of the current contract.

Description of what you will receive from this analysis

You will see three outputs based on your responses to the questionnaire. First, you will receive a breakdown of your organization’s effectiveness compared to the industry average displayed as a radar chart as shown below:

government business development maturity assessment tool

Business Development Maturity Assessment Tool Radar Chart Example

Second, you receive a dashboard showing the four phases based on your responses to the questions with numeric scores and color-coded in green (on target), yellow (needs work), and red (urgent action is required).

functional business development assessment

Functional Federal Business Development Assessment Tool Dashboard Example

Third, we will display an organizational dashboard detailing the sub-phases that require urgent action, need for work, or that they are on target.

organizational dashboard

Organizational Dashboard Example for our Government Business Development Maturity Assessment Tool

These three outputs provide you with a view of your overall business development, capture, proposal, and the post-award phase status.

The key to being a successful business development organization is to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, understand where you have issues and concerns and know when to engage support to become best in class and win more business. OST is a full-service Business Development Company specialized in IDIQs that has the process, connections, and the resources to support your company by developing what you need to capture multiple task orders and grow. Contact us today for BDAT consultation by emailing us at or by giving us a call at 301-384-3350.

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