Business Development Strategy & Market Analysis

Do You Have the Right Plan & Data to Win Contracts?

Whether you’re an emerging or established Government contractor, strategic business development planning and market analysis are your beacons in a sea of opportunities. You absolutely must dedicate effort to developing a solid strategy based on accurate data if you want to win more contracts and succeed in this industry.

When you partner with OST Global Solutions, we’ll work closely with you to create a research-based plan that will help you achieve your goals. There are a few specific steps we’ll take in the process. We will:

  1. Get to Know You. We’ll learn about your company, how you currently conduct business development, your target customer set, and your portfolio of offerings to gain a thorough understanding of your business that will serve as a foundation for your custom business development plan.
  2. Understand What’s Important to You. As we begin, we’ll take time to understand your vision and preferences.
  3. Get the Facts & Assess Opportunities. We’ll conduct thorough market research using a variety of paid subscription platforms and publicly available sources to determine current market trends, your ideal customer set (including contact information for Government decision makers), contract vehicles you should utilize, must-win opportunities to pursue, your competitors and potential teaming partners, your specific customer’s standard requirements, and more. For established Government contractors, we focus on whether there is a need to expand capabilities or widen your footprint, and we determine the right combination of Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDV). For emerging contractors, we focus on market entry strategies and provide specific tactical guidance about key decision makers, partners, and target customers.
  4. Brainstorm & Plan. We will conduct a strategy brainstorming session with your business development personnel. Using our market analysis results as a guide, we’ll come to an agreement about the right market for your business, your target customer, any capabilities you may have to develop or add to your portfolio, your growth strategies and goals, must-win opportunities you should pursue, a course of action, and other strategic considerations.
  5. Deliver a Strategy to WIN! We’ll prepare a summary in the form of an actionable plan that captures our findings. The plan will become a living document for your company to build upon as you revisit strategic planning annually, at minimum.

With a solid plan, you will grow fast and smart. You will avoid wasting resources by not jumping at every opportunity that may have nothing to do with the plan but seems attractive at the moment. You will set clear goals, know exactly what to do, and be confident of your success as you will have insight into how you will grow, down to the specific contracts and customer set.


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