Client Testimonials

“Once again the class did not fail to meet, but exceed expectations. The knowledge is truly invaluable.”

Paul Oleksiak

We at HDG would like to thank you for working with us. This is our second time using OST Global Solutions.We won the last contract when we used this service and would happy to recommend it to anyone that wants to win. We are very happy with your work as well as your company’s customer service and professionalism.”

Steven Marlin, Director of Logistics/Contracts Officer

Hewad Dost Group
The proposal assessment was highly useful for us. Olessia gave us clear feedback about what we did well with our proposals and what we could improve. Normally with group proposal trainings, I feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things we should be doing that there is no way our small agency could actually do—at the end of meeting with Olessia for this assessment, by contrast, I felt confident that we could implement the input we received and bring our proposals up to the next level. Very appreciative—thank you for doing this.”

Eva Gillespie-Larsen, Senior Proposal Writer

New Dawn Technologies
OST Global Solutions classes and webinars hit the mark every time. The curriculum is focused on the needs of business development professionals in a hyper-competitive marketplace. They not only identify the most common pitfalls, but also demonstrate in detail just how to write winning proposal sections.”

Ciro Pinto-Coelho, Director, Strategy & BD

Following a customized proposal management course given by OST Global Solutions, Child Care Aware of America successfully put theory into practice in the development of a proposal for a major Federal Government client. The difference between the efficiency of the proposal development process and the quality of the end-product was significant. Each aspect of the proposal development process benefited – from shedding the proposal, creating an annotated outline, conducting a kick-off meeting, and writing and reviewing the proposal. OST’s training produced the most tangible benefits that I have seen from a training course and was well worth the investment.”

Michele Smith, Director of Compliance and Strategic Analytics

Child Care Aware of America
Thank you so much for your work on the Proposal Training for the Laboratory (including AISD, NSTD, MERC)! You worked very hard to listen to our requirements and then offer 5 modules of training that offered a comprehensive view of what we need to be doing to improve our processes and effectiveness. I have continued to hear feedback from the participants about the quality of your work and your in-depth knowledge and experience. I look forward to working together in the future. Thank you.”

Anne Long, Human Resources Team Leader for AISD and MERC

JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
“Blueprint [for Winning Government Contracts for Small Businesses]” self-study course is a revelation! As a “seasoned” business developer, capture and proposal manager with 33 years of active duty in the line of fire for employers and clients, I discovered I still had more to learn and Olessia’s course was like the cavalry’s arrival. I can truly say without hesitation that her course is by far better than any other course I have taken — and I have taken several over the years. The course is unique in that it brings together the business development, capture, and proposal management functions as a continuum and it provides amazing details how, when and why to do each function and to whom. No more silos, ivory towers, or excuses not to win! The course will help every business professional regardless of where their office is located how everyone must work together to grow the business. Another realization will be that you can’t cut corners and expect to win, but you can work smarter and you’ll be able to get others to participate — finally. There is so much here that you will want to revisit lessons repeatedly. If you haven’t guessed by now, I highly recommend Olessia’s course to everyone.”

Allen Cody

BD and Proposal Consultant
Olessia [Smotrova-Taylor] is definitely a wealth of knowledge when it comes to proposal development. Olessia is both extremely experienced and articulate and she provides great insights into both the strategies and the tactics of proposal development.”

Steve Thomson, Principal Consultant

Thomson & Associates Consulting
I have used the Executive Summaries Workbook principles to transform compliant proposals into compelling winning proposals. You can learn the same techniques to create winning Executive Summaries to make your proposals win.”

Jay Carroll, Director, GWAC Programs (New Business Capture, Proposal Development and Program Management)

STG, Inc.
Though I have been in the proposal business for over 15 years, I found the OST guide to writing Executive Summaries full of a huge number of good ideas, tips, and suggestions that I had never thought of or seen before. We will start applying them immediately on proposals we are working on. The guide is easy to follow, and is as useful to an experienced business developer as a newcomer just learning the ropes.”

Malcolm Visser, Principal

Race Point Consultant
This is a very good formula for generating an executive summary that works. If I could get my teams to follow this, we’d do much better. The overall structure of your executive summary works for the narrative flow of subsections as well.”

Marc Popovich, Proposal Manager

Northrop Grumman
I am a long-time successful consultant on a wide range of defense and environmental matters, including business development and proposal support for a wide variety of private industry clients. This is a succinct and VERY helpful handbook on precisely how to do smashingly good executive summaries. I have never seen such a straightforward and helpful summary. It should be absorbed in detail by every consultant in the business development business and used at every opportunity.”

Amie Hoeber, President

AMH Consulting
Olessia’s Executive Summary how-to guide is packed with unique solutions and industry best practices. There is no doubt that following her process will amp up your win rates.”

Mike Parkinson, Principal

24 Hour Company
I found this course extremely useful and insightful. Despite our company’s experience and proposal strengths, OST Global Solutions and, in particular Olessia, made the session easy to understand and provided a wealth of information we were able to put in practice immediately after the course. I look forward to attending other courses by OST Global Solutions in the near future.”

Fernando Beltran, CEO

Identika LLC
“I was totally floored by your presentation [Session # 1 of the How to Succeed as a Proposal Consultant course] yesterday. I look forward to tomorrow’s follow on. Your depth of knowledge and capacity to explain the ABC’s were just wonderful. Thank you!

Ramon Morales, Senior Executive Consultant

Stewart Cooper & Coon
“A colleague suggested OST Global Solutions as a source for excellent proposal management training. I am so glad he did! I downloaded the Power of Persuasive Proposals webinar video and slides and found the course extremely valuable. The training provided the right amount of information in a straightforward manner at a quick, but not overwhelming, pace. I look forward to further education through OST Global Solutions in the future.”

Valerie Ormond, Chief Executive Officer

Veteran Writing Services
“The Proposal Management class was excellent. I have been in Business Development for 20+ years and it was refreshing to see training based on best practices rather than antiquated practices that we many times don’t have time for as the pace is moving so fast on a quick turnaround proposal. Olessia touched on every area that makes for a great proposal effort, however, was able to delve into the details when asked. Her teaching technique was excellent. She is very animated, relates real time problems to what you are studying which makes more of an impression on the students. I would recommend this training class to all those in Business Development, no matter what arena. You really get a true sense of the big picture from release of a DRFP to the finished delivery product.”

Deborah Cannaday Manager, Southeast Proposal Development Center

This was a terrific course – just what we needed, with no waste or fluff.”

Richard P. King, Vice President

“This was the most effective and illuminating training I’ve received on win themes development. I’ll use this immediately and over and over.”

Tim Lindsay, Director BD Army

“Been BD for 4 years, this class validated many things and gave a good process to follow.”

David Lee, VP

“This class will help get our BD team focused on the importance of getting win themes developed early in the Capture process.”

Von J. Hawley, VP, Capture and Proposal Management

“I am a new director in capture management, but I have a solid foundation now. Great class.”

John Lee, Info Systems Engineer

“It was nice having affirmation of some of the techniques we’ve used, and great learning new ways to organizing our actions going forward.”

Steven Murphy, Business Development Manager

CEF Industries
“I’ve worked in proposals for four years now and I see the same mistakes and mentalities over and over again. When I try to hold win themes meetings, I hear the same “themes” or little to no information about the customer. Coming to this workshop has given me the knowledge and skills to go back to my company armed with the information needed to win.”

Rachel Simmons, Proposal Leader

Morgan Franklin
“I’ve worked on proposals for three years. I was impressed with instructor’s energy and the frequent examples. In other training courses the instructor can get bored and be boring. The day was always fun and educational. This course will help us win more work and develop better win themes and, subsequently, better win strategies.

Anatalia Gauthier, BD and Marketing Coordinator

MWH Global
“After taking this course I have become more aware of the process and methodology used to identify “correct” win themes which then evolve into your win strategy, increasing your probability of winning.”

Sharron Shallom, Director, Corporate Relations

Daughtery & Associates
“This class has been a real eye-opener for me concerning the tools and the approaches to proposal development that result in awards. I have been involved in the process for over ten years and while we have won numerous contracts, I wonder, how many others we might have won had we had the benefit of this class. I am excited to take this knowledge back to the team and apply it to our proposal efforts going forward. Thank you!”

Michelle Taylor, President/CEO

BETAH Associates
“As a proposal professional it is always important to know that you should continue to refine your skills. Taking this class has provided me with additional knowledge, tools and techniques to manage and prepare proposals more effectively and with a deeper understanding of the customer requirements. Thank you OST!”

Michelle Norman, Proposal Manager

NPC, Inc.
“I’ve worked almost 2 years in proposals in our company where we continue to evolve our processes. This class has provided a lot of nuances as to how we can take our existing process to the next level to be more competitive. The class gave me more confidence in analyzing an RFP and setting up a quality outline that will help solicit value added, compelling information from our authors.”

Eric Amundson, Proposal Specialist

“I have worked with Proposals in the Requirements management world for 10 years. Recently I started working Business Development for the last 2 years. I have had issues with getting the author kicked off with confidence in what they are writing to win the proposal. The knowledge acquired in how to do an annotated outline will be valuable in time spent and confidence with the author’s ability to jump in and write!”

Angela J. Davis, Proposal Analyst

Ingalls Shipbuilding
“I took this class to gain a better understanding of the outlining process, something I struggle with after working in proposals 2 years now. I am really happy with the training I received here. I can’t wait to get back to work and put these lessons into use.”

Proposal Specialist

I have been working in proposals for seven years, a lot of times I see that something is wrong with the content text but I do not always know how to fix it or how to approach the change. I will try to apply the techniques learned at this class to improve my ability to introduce compliant fixes to the proposal texts to make them more compelling.

Svetlana May, Proposal Coordinator

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about editing proposals. I learned a lot, especially the tricks of the trade to make wordy, heavily technical proposals easier to read and be evaluated!”

Natalie La Roche, Desktop Publisher/Editor

Systems Made Simple
As an editor for a small Government contractor, I found OST’s Proposal Editing Workshop to be invaluable. It provided a perfect balance of excellent classroom instruction, team exercises, and discussion

Marianne Wasson, Technical Editor

Acuity Consulting, Inc
“I’ve been DTP for four months now. This course was very beneficial by sharing tips and shortcuts. The material is extremely helpful as well.”

Nicole Heatwole, Executive Assistant

Booz Allen Hamilton
“This was a very useful class. I received a lot of great tips in the DTP process.”

Grant Williams, Senior Proposal Manager

Catapult Technology
“I learned a lot of tricks that will save me tons of hours of formatting time. Thank you!”

Eva Gillespie-Larsen, Senior Proposal Writer

New Dawn Technologies
“Some of the shortcuts will literally save me hours of time on proposals.”

Jessie Kingsford, Proposal Writer

New Dawn Technologies
“This is my second class with OST. I have learned so much as an amateur proposal teammate and feel confident that I have been given the skills to succeed!

Megan Johns, Special Projects Manager

Child Care Aware of America
“After taking the Foundations [of Proposal Management], I was sold on the value that OST training and Olessia in particular can add to my organization and my career. The engaging style and “real-life” scenarios are helpful in understanding the concepts and helping to understand how you would implement the m when you get back to the office.

Mark Ryan, Director - Technical Services

KMC Mining
“Outstanding course highly recommend for all proposal managers! This course provides leaders necessary tools to bring back to your proposal team and win your next proposal.”

Matt Munster, Director, BD

Sierra Nevada Corporation
“The education and interaction I receive in this class is bringing me quickly up to speed and inspires me to go back to my company and do everything I can to make a difference.”

Pamela Henkel, Senior Proposal Specialist

Rockwell Collins
“I’ve been in the pricing business for 12 years and attended numerous seminars and classes on this subject. OST Global Solutions has put together a course that presents strategies I’ve never seen taught before. Kudos for thinking outside the box!”

Drew Ashley, Director of Pricing, ASM Research

ASM Research
“As a Senior Proposal Manager that has worked my way up from the bottom, I’m always looking to expand my knowledge in the field. After reviewing debrief after debrief where my organization was losing opportunities because of price, I knew this was an opportunity to become knowledgeable in cost/price proposals and this course has provided the education I was in search for to add value to our cost proposals.”

Tiffany Bell, Sr. Proposal Manager

ASM Research
“Having spent over 30 years in high-tech electronics manufacturing for the aerospace and defense industries, I have been involved in both business development and proposal management for nearly 2/3 of that time. This class was the most concise presentation of the jobs I have been involved with during that time. The course materials will be within reach for quick reference as I try to implement as much as I can in the future.”

Christopher Fox, Proposals Manager

Ducommun LaBarge Technologies, Inc.
“I went into the Developing a Winning Cost Volume training looking to improve my cost volume management skills. This course provided me with an idea of how much I did and did not know, what I needed to do to be most effective, and a plan to improve my skills and add more value to my business group. The class impressed me as practical, providing me with critical skills and knowledge that I put to use the day I returned home. My confidence in my ability to ensure our cost volumes are compliant, compelling, and competitive is greatly increased. I have already recommended this course to my peers across the firm. ”

Leslie Lassi, Sales Manager

CH2M Hill
“This course combined with the foundations of capture and proposal management is essential to being a fully effective business developer.”

Larry Thompson, VP, Capture Management

EKS Group
“Being new to the industry, this course has allowed me to learn the process, understand the process, and have a clear road map what to do to be successful. I will return for advanced materials and recommend this service to anyone with gaps in their business structure or strategy.”

Emilio Lopez, Vice President

This course is worth every cent and every minute. For me this is a great conduit to what is out there in terms of Government contracting. A lot of information packed into a day’s class but every slide is useful and relevant. Strongly recommended.”

Summant Kapoor, Director

Radiant Info Tech
“I have two years of experience with proposals while assigned to USSTRATCOM. Being a BD course and not a “capture” course I was surprised by how much I didn’t know about how much information is available for companies. This will make me more aware of how much we need to look in the mirror and square away our own program before submitting proposals to capture business. Excellent course.”

Ron Candiloro, Senior Tactical Systems Analyst

Tactical Air Support, Inc.

“Tactical Air Support, Inc (TacAir) is a small business, formed in 2006 to provide commercial air services and consulting support to all branches of the U.S. military. In September 2012, TacAir contracted with OST Global Solutions to provide Business Development (BD) training to our senior and middle managers.  Ms. Olessia Smotrova-Taylor agreed to provide our training on behalf of OST. It should be noted that as a company our collective experience in BD was extremely limited, most of our employees were recent U.S. military personnel with little business experience.

From the very beginning Ms. Smotrova-Taylor sent questionnaires and inquiries about TacAir to better understand our level of experience and understanding of BD as well as to better understand the industry space we were competing in. The end result was exactly as we had hoped, a perfectly tailored two and one half day presentation to our company that provided our employees a common baseline understanding of business development and also the tools and applications to put academic scenarios into practical applications.

Without question, every piece of information delivered by Ms. Smotrova-Taylor was relevant and applicable to our company, but more importantly to us was her effective method of delivery. As a company whose core cadre is primarily former Topgun Instructors, we completely understand academic presentations, the importance of preparation and above all credibility; in other words this was a tough crowd!

Ms. Smotrova-Taylor exceeded expectations and walked away from her contracted work with TacAir as a “go to” authority for this company. The result of our training has been a highly effective and orchestrated approach to business development and capture that has culminated in saving time, effort and money in our attempt to capture work and contracts. In fact, we have signed OST Global Solutions to a long-term contract supporting our business development and capture process.

As someone who has spent a career dealing with Centers of Excellence and individuals who consider perfection a routine endeavor, Ms. Smotrova-Taylor has developed a program that fit our standards perfectly.

RC Thompson, President/CEO

Tactical Air Support, Inc.
“We had been successful using a reactive approach to business development but realize that in today’s competitive environment we must be proactive in our approach to growing our company. This course presented the necessary tools to developing a long-term strategy to capturing the data to increase our proposal win ratio.”

Robert Manigault, President

Magnum Opus Technologies, Inc.
“I have been in Government Business support for 26 years. I have worked in small and large companies and small companies we took to large. I have worked at every level of BD and know the discipline very well. This class was very good and I learned new approaches to capture. It further emphasized the importance of good capture management. Marina Goren is a professional of the discipline and has an outstanding command of the capture management process. Excellent training.”

Ken Noland, Senior Capture Manager

Yulista Holding, LLC
“Really provides the basics necessary to capture work in Federal marketplace. The learning environment was very relative to real world practices.”

Joe Webb, Director of BD

Yulista Holding, LLC
“10 years in proposals. I was most impressed with the info on SSA’s and competition analysis. The material was mostly a confirmation that we are on the right track. The instructor was excellent and thankfully not just a theoretician.

Ray Atwood, Senior Capture Manager

Yulista Holding, LLC
“Outstanding class on capture management. We have a small Business Development team making it all the more important that we are efficient and effective. Your class taught us a lean process that we can immediately put into practice. Thank you!”

Ben Still, BD Manager

Yulista Holding, LLC
“Thank you for the terrific class on Capture. I can honestly say that prior to your training I had no understanding of the concept or process of Capture, and now I have far greater understanding and value to the next company I join. My previous company was a small firm that approached Business Development as reactionary after the RFP was published and I saw firsthand how that approach was akin to rolling the dice and seeing what comes up. I will certainly take more of your courses and build upon the knowledge that you have helped me develop.”

Richard Krafsig, Business Development

Abacus-N-Bytes, TCS Associates
“The training has been invaluable. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know! I feel like I have the tools needed to be strategic and direct in my approach to Business Development.”

Domonique Basler, Chief Operations Officer

This was extremely useful in assisting me to make the right decision in building my company’s BD process. It validated much of what we have been attempted to build, but it really brought all the essential aspects of Capture Management into Focus.”

John R. Morrison, Sr. VP of Operations

“Our capture management process has been “ad-hoc” and I realize if we want to grow to the next level, there has to be change. This course is an excellent start for us to begin to institute a new approach. Olessia is an excellent teacher who shares a lot of practical very useable advice.”

Christie Adams, CEO

Information Dynamics International
Well worth the investment! The capture class in conjunction with the Proposal writing course provides the tools to effectively compete in the highly competitive world of Government Contracting.”

John (Jeff) Stivers

Director, Tactical Air Support, Inc.
“I am a proposal manager. This is an information-packed course, all of which is useful. Many tools and tricks were provided.”

Svetlana York, Proposal Manager

“Instructor was outstanding! Just the right mix of book learning and personal experience. Class was very informative.”

Richard Newman, VP, Leonard-Newman Unlimited

Leonard-Newman Unlimited
“I’ve worked over two decades in large and small business. As Program Director and Business Area Director, my involvement in BD has been as-needed and either seat-of-the-pants or within someone else’s approach. This course provides the tools and skills that I will use to improve our processes, and to lead capture to build the basis for growth. It’s clear from this course that winning is accomplished during capture.”

Richard Sikorski, Director of Science and Data Systems

“I now have a tool kit to develop and implement a capture management process into the BD cycle. I’ve become better equipped to perform CM functions.”

Ed Renaud, Proposal Manager, Capture and BD

AR Inc.
“Being new to the capture, this course has given me a good start at an exciting new opportunity to win!”

Tex Midkiff, Capture Manager

MUM Inc.
“What impressed me the most was the enthusiasm and knowledge shared by instructor and the class participants. It was a very productive 2 days of learning and I’m chomping at the bit to return to work and capture WINS!”

Jo Carol Torrez, Director of Client Relations

IBA Inc.
“This course was an extreme eye opener. I now have the knowledge to take back to my company which will not only help me, but others in different areas. Truly one of the best classes I have ever taken.”

Kevin Odermatt, National Account Manager/Military Programs

Navistal Defense
“I’m not a proposal person but the “real value” for me was the understanding how the role of BD Managers helps feed the overall capture process.”

Jonathan Warren, Director of Air Force Programs

FLIR Systems Inc.
“OST’s Capture Management course is an eye opener for all the legwork that needs to be done to successfully go after and opportunity.”

Jane Boswell, Business Development

Tai Pedro & Associates
“This class was an excellent refresher for me to reset what I have been doing over the past few years. I have been in business 12 years and I have always thought true capture management was for the big guys -“not so “!”

Claire Hines, President/CEO

“The Capture Management course took the overwhelming task of capture and condensed it into a methodical thought process easier to understand.”

Sharron Shallom, Director, Corporate Relations

Daughtery & Associates
“A wealth of information delivered in a very short time in a very engaging fashion. After 3 years in a company that focuses on Federal contracting, I became a proposal manager. I have a wonderful team, but none of us have had much formal proposal training. I’m definitely recommending these courses for a number within our company.”

Christopher J. Sparks, Proposal Manager

Skyline Ultd, Inc.
“Less than 1 year of proposal experience. The instructor is very good and demonstrates competence. I am encouraged to invest more in training at OST! The process based approach removes guesswork and promotes a predictable result for the team – actually winning!”

Manu Bakshi, President

ServBeyond Solutions
“Proposal Management: How to Write Less and Win More” was excellent training, and I would rate it as the best proposal strategies course I have taken. The training was money and time well spent.”

William (Bill) Bailey, President

Rapier Solutions, Inc.
“As a recently assigned proposal lead for a small and growing company, I was apprehensive about my ability to take on the task. This course provided the basic tools and resource to me to take on the assignment with confidence. OST is an invaluable resource.”

John (Jeff) Stivers, Director

Tactical Air Support, Inc.
This course covers a complex topic in a concise, understandable, fast-paced approach. It is “Writing Proposals for Dummies” – or Professionals. This course helps improve my capture manager’s skills, as well as my proposal writing tasks. I highly recommend it if your objective is to write a winning proposal.”

Igor G. Plonish, D. M. , Vice President

Assured Information Security, Inc.
“Being new to the proposal world, “Proposal Management: How to Write Less and Win More” is a must. I now fully understand how to strategize, prepare, read and respond to RFPs. It was time well spent. My proposal fears have been transformed to excitement.”

George T Caldwell II, Capture Manager

Rapier Solutions.
“A great help bridging the gap from a 25 year Government career into a contractor BD / proposal manager. Course provided a top-level framework of what it is to be an effective winning manager of contract proposals.”

Rob Rottweiler, Business Manager

Canyon Consulting
“OST did an outstanding job with teaching the winning way to proposal writing! This course is very beneficial to myself and my company. I will recommend this to my fellow employees, to attend.”

Rob Palmatier, Dir. North Ops.

“I’ve managed proposals for 20 years, but have not had to write them until recently. This course has been a really good refresh of basics and an eye-opener for how proposals look now.”

Dale Mayo, proposal Writer/ Manager

J&E Associates, Inc.
“I am new to proposal writing and management. This class was very in-depth and provided the necessary tools and resources to build my confidence to do my job better and of course win proposals.

Kristan Higgins, Proposal Specialist

Southland Energy
“I’ve been working on small scale proposals the last five years. The proposal writing process we utilized was/is very ad-hoc. The structure [from the course] including the outline preparation and scheduling will be very useful.”

Dwayne McDaniel, Senior Research

“I am new to proposal management, but the class made my new duties easier to understand. I would recommend the class and her [Olessia’s] knowledge of this field is excellent.”


“With less than two years of experience in the proposal industry and coming into a company with an infant proposal process, there were many topics of the class that were extremely beneficial. I will be taking the knowledge from the class to bring to the company to share the process.”

Keith Maddock

“New to proposals and unsure how to lay out the proposal before class. Now I have a plan to complete the proposal.”

Jade Johnson, Project Manager

Industrial Construction, Inc.
“I’ve been a proposal professional working for small to large business on Government proposals for the last 15 years. The training I received in two days has elevated my understanding of the Proposal Manager’s role in a way that could have taken months at great expense on the job. I plan to use this training to move into more key positions on proposal teams.”

Al Williams, Independent Consultant

“I think this course helped our organization to gain a common understanding of proposal management at a critical time in our organization’s development.”

Michele Smith, Director of Compliance and Strategic Analytics

Child Care Aware of America
“I have over 10 years of proposal drafting experience and I thought my fail proof system was adequate. I learned so much more about what a real proposal drafting process should include. I feel more empowered now to positively assist my team.”

Rita Hill

Child Care Aware of America
“This class provided our organization a “blueprint” for successful proposal writing that will improve the culture of our organization and proposals to Government RFPs.

Jacqueline Rose, Director

Child Care Aware of America
“Sessions were well structured, informative, and allowed for brainstorming and collaboration within our groups.”

Leshanda Thickening

Child Care Aware of America
“I really liked how the examples were broken down into individual steps that need to be followed in order to be successful. This was my first introduction to proposal writing and I am thoroughly impressed.”

Krystal Pillow, Provider Services Manager

Child Care Aware of America
“I believe the information and knowledge we gained from this course will absolutely impact the way we manage our proposal process.”

Brian Adams, Proposal Manager

Leebcor Services, LLC
“I have worked on proposals for over 10 years, and I’ve encountered various levels of competitions and preparation. This course provides more practical knowledge than I’ve accumulated in working on dozens of major proposals.”

Derrick Foy, Proposal Analyst

Technica Corporation
“The material presented in this class provided a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the proposal manager and gives the tools and techniques to produce a winning proposal.”

Lydia Stone, Proposal Manager

Diverse Technologies Corporation
“This course has given me a deeper understanding of the proposal management process and the importance of proposal management. The ideas learned over the past 2 days will be integrated to our process in order to increase the effectiveness of our proposals.”

Mark Ryan, Manager, Contracts & Business Improvement

KMC Mining Corp.
“OST’s classes are immeasurably helpful – there’s no other place where you can learn directly from the expert. The courses are highly memorable and very personal. For a relative “newbie” to business development like me, this class paints a detailed picture of how to move forward equipped with best practices.”

Molly Farney, Business Development Operations Manager

Millennium Corporation
“In a simple manner, this class presented critical information on how to execute effectively and manage what can be unmanageable process.”

Bruce Perpura, Managing Director

BGovConsulting, Inc.
“I am new in the proposal writing field and found this class practical as well as in depth. The discussions and practice sessions made the process understandable. These resources will most assuredly improve my proposal writing.”

Mary Dunnigan, Business & Development Specialist

Daughtery & Associates
“Your Writing Better Proposal Sections in Half the Time workshop was great! Your tips and techniques are invaluable and I’ll certainly be taking them back to my team. Where I was hesitant and slow to start writing,this workshop gave me the confidence boost and technique to jump right in fearlessly. I’m sure my team will appreciate the depth of my writing and in half the time! Thanks!”

Constance S. Dyson, MBA, AM.APMP, Proposal Coordinator/Technical Writer - Health Solutions

“Having worked in proposals for 23 years, I had issues with starting the writing process and getting over the idea that I can’t write at a high enough level. This class gave me the confidence and knowledge to delve into writing even if I don’t know the material. Exercises were very helpful.”

Deborah Cannaday, Consultant

Proposals Plus Now

“I took the Writing Persuasive Government Proposals course in July 2014. As an experienced writer, I can always use fresh insight in the craft of writing, especially when applying it to a new field. As a novice Federal procurement professional, it shed light on the process, without jargon or hype.

The virtue of the two-day course was that it focused on the key intersections between the proposal drafting process and the grunt work of writing. Olessia Smotrova-Taylor concentrated on laying out the proposal process in a systematic way, keying on crucial bottlenecks. She showed how the intrinsic friction of writing can complicate the proposal process and offered a methodological approach and tool set to help the professional get past the obstacles. The course also underscored the importance of prep work that precedes actual hands-at-the-keyboard writing and the revising and editing that polishes the  document. That investment of time, research and imagination makes the writing more fluid and informed.

I find that I am constantly going back to my course materials and notes to remind myself of the guidelines. I plan on returning to OST Global Solutions for more courses because of the immediate value in applying the lessons learned.”

Michael Smith

“I have worked on Federal proposal bids for a year and research grant proposals for seven years before that. Before this course I had major issues with writers block, particularly when writing past performance. This course illuminated several methods to get past this problem.”

Christina Huffman, Government Proposal Writer

“I have not worked in proposals specifically, I am a business owner looking at diversification and wanted some tools to format or at least begin my own proposal. I have previously paid large sums of money for proposals that did not reach the goal. What impressed me was the ease of use once you know where to gather info and find things. This class will help me reach my goals a lot faster and a greater possibility of success.”

Reema Owens

“I have less than 6 months working on proposals and feel this class enhanced my understanding of proposal writing. The tools and techniques outlined in the material will help me write easier and faster in the future in all aspects.”

Linwood Nelson, Program Manager

ASRC Federal
“I have been writing proposals and business plans for almost 20 years. This course in some ways reinforced practices that I learned through the school of hard knocks and supplies tools I wasn’t familiar with that would have and from now on will save me much time and frustration. ”

Michael Smart, SOS-8 Site Manager

“I started this class and the first statement that was said was “you will be able to write proposals at the end of this course.” I thought that wouldn’t be possible and that I will not write because I am bad at it. However, I am eager to start writing at class end.”

Lindsay Lomangino, Proposal Coordinator

ASRC Federal
“I have been writing for over 10 years as a Doctrine writer and proposal writer for the last 4 years. My struggle has always been with getting started. Using mind mapping as part of the research process will be very helpful to getting started and just putting words on paper.”

Vicki Jackson, Program Manager

ASRC Communications
“As a long-time writer in other fields, this course gave me a great, competitive approach to effective proposal writing. Thanks for a stimulating & fun course.”

Justine Cowan, Proposal Writer

ASRC Federal
“I’ve been a proposal “pinch-hitter” for over 10 years, providing both writing and editing, but I found this class provided new insights that will help me organize and speed my own writing process as well as those of the teams I coach.”

Konnie Andrews, Sr. Proposal Writer/New Business Advisor

Winrock International
“Olessia [Smotrova-Taylor, class curricula developer and instructor] is by far one of the most knowledgeable individuals teaching proposal classes I have ever met. She teaches a down to earth, no kidding style of proposal writing. Would recommend her class to anyone!”

Janet Harvey, Director/PDC

USfalcon, Inc.
“This class provides an innovative approach for every business to distinguish their proposals from the contracting herd. The simplicity of methods used to understand customers’ requirements and effectively execute a capture process to win contracts is profound.”

Cedric Cato, Chief Business Development Officer

CSRS Corporation
“I am new to Federal proposal writing – this 2-day course opened my eyes to how easy proposal writing can be (with practice!) and was a great introduction to the psychological aspect of writing. Olessia [Smotrova-Taylor, class curricula developer and instructor] made the topics very easy to understand and it is evident that she is a real, credible expert in this field.”

Rick Saldana, Program Manager

MVM, Inc.
“I have a Master’s Degree in creative writing, but after working as a technical writer in IT for 18 years, I’ve never been able to merge my two worlds – until now! I can’t wait to get back to the office to weave stories and metaphors into our future proposals. Many thanks for helping me realize this is possible!”

Lisa Sharpe, Technical Writer

Cirdan Group, Inc.
“I am new to proposal writing, but found this course more applicable than others I’ve taken – very enjoyable!”

Mary Alyce Wicks, Proposal Specialist

Verizon Terremark
“As an SME for a Government security contractor, this class has given me a lot better perspective in becoming a better proposal team player. Any company will benefit in both resources and time spent for the improvement of the subject matter to provide the writer.”

Harold ``Tex`` Midkiff, Program Manager

MVM, Inc.
“I’ve been working on proposals for 3 years and finally realize the importance of brainstorming, speedwriting, and editing. The writing process becomes pain-free when you follow the process in the proper order!”

Mary McCabe, BD/MKT Coordinator

“At this course, you get actual usable approaches and tips for overcoming challenges we all inevitably face. It provides great hands-on learning, a diversity of background with the participants that gives a great set of tools for every piece of the proposal writing process.”

Shivangi, BD Manager

Shiva IT
I was impressed by the writers’ block techniques and understanding how psychology is a big influence for writing proposals swiftly and effectively. I was also impressed with the proposal procrastination flowchart.”

Meosha Goffney, Proposal Coordinator

Information Innovators, Inc.
Great class! Very informative with clear tools that are immediately usable at work.

Albano Garcia, Account Manager

Encentric, Inc.
“What a terrific class, I am able to take away tools that really can be put into practice.”

Rose Segreti, Chief of Special Initiatives

Child Care Aware of America
“My proposal writing has improved and my ability to edit constructively has improved. Thought mind mapping has opened an exciting adventure for me. I am going to use it in every area of my life.

Jacqueline Rose, Director - MCCLI

Child Care Aware of America
“This is my first time being introduced to the proposal writing process, so it was great to learn the steps in the process and to learn all of the great techniques and tools that really help with putting your thoughts into words. I’m really looking forward to putting everything I’ve learned into practice.”

Jasmine Smith, Senior Public Policy Advisor

Child Care Aware of America
“This class helped me understand how I need to approach proposal writing in a manner that was simple and not intimidating.”

Valerie Studney, Lead Technical Writer

“This is my second class with OST. I have learned so much as an amateur proposal teammate and feel confident that I have been given the skills to succeed!

Megan Johns, Special Projects Manager

Child Care Aware of America
“Outstanding course highly recommend for all proposal managers! This course provides leaders necessary tools to bring back to your proposal team and win your next proposal.”

Matt Munster, Director, BD

Sierra Nevada Corporation
“The education and interaction I receive in this class is bringing me quickly up to speed and inspires me to go back to my company and do everything I can to make a difference.”

Pamela Henkel, Senior Proposal Specialist

Rockwell Collins
Who Am I – What do I do:
I have been a senior business development executive in pursuit of US Government contracts for more than 30 years, in support of both for profit and not-for-profit organizations. In this role, I have led and supported numerous captures and proposal efforts.

Recent Issues encountered with Capture Management:
Over the past two years, I have encountered a multitude of small businesses and Non-Profit organizations with no standard template or approach to Capture Management. Nor did most members of the organization, including senior executives, understand the type of information that was most relevant or desirable to be included in a quality Capture Management initiative, or the most important focus and methodologies. Additionally, there was rarely agreement on how and when to start the Capture initiative, and who should be responsible for leading the effort. Moreover, and quite disappointingly, there was rarely agreement on the need for an organized and rigorous approach to winning a US Government project.

Potential impact of Implementing The OST Capture Management Process: The impact of implementing the methodology and guidance contained in OST’s Advanced Capture Management course will be felt and provide a positive and disciplined impact across the entire organization. There is little doubt that OST’s disciplined approach to Capturing and Winning US Government business will facilitate a more efficient, thereby more cost effective, less frustrating Capture effort, with significantly improved results and a significant increase in a company’s win rate.

As a result of experience, I will highly recommend OST’s Advanced Capture Management Course to all of my Business Associates. It is a quality and relevant product from a great organization, and is a very worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to improve their win rate. Moreover, it is a simple and easy to learn and implement.

John Mohler, Principal

The Nemacolin Business Group
“I have been working on proposals for over 15 years, and I am always looking for areas to improvement. As the economic and competitive climates continue to change, it is important to always refine your skills and keep up with the latest techniques. This class really helped to discuss the overall capture strategy in more detail that what is covered in other seminars. The approach is one of practicality, and he identifies real-life solutions that for me could be immediately applied.”

Christopher S. Fedele, Business Development Manager

Moog, Inc.
“I really enjoyed the study material and the level of interaction with facilitators and students. The information was timely and facilitators were approachable. I will be making sure that friends and co-workers looking for a top-notch education in capture planning will have to attend OST Global Solutions.”

Brock Pilgrim, BD

“Having the opportunity to join your peers, often from competing organizations both large and small, to discuss issues of capture and proposal management in an intimate setting is one of the main benefits of attending OST Global Solutions classes. The Advanced Capture Management course gives us the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the more complex and challenging topics we don’t have time to discuss in other venues.”

Alyssa Feliho, Sr. Capture and Proposal Manager

“I am former gov’t employee and new to industry. This class opened my eyes to what is required from a capture manager. Great foundational course – even good as refresher-getting back to basics. Looking forward to taking the advanced course and implementing everything I’ve learned. Great instructor. I loved interactive form of the class. Highly recommend.”

Jennifer Condon, Senior Consultant

Barling Bay
“As a senior business development analyst, I have worked on over 20 proposals in the last 3 years; however none of those opportunities went through the full capture process. This class has helped me to realize how much easier it can be and more successful we can be by implementing the OST capture process. The class provided a very personalized experience. I look forward to taking my acquired knowledge back to my team and see how our capture process will improve from here.”

Arlene Romero, Sr. Business Development Analyst

Chenega Corporation
“Excellent structured and very well defined curriculum. Training based on real experience is always the most effective. Very well rounded, clear and complete; touched many more areas and disciplines that I anticipated. Highly recommended.”

Todd Warton, Director of Business Development

BAE Systems
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the class! My company has worked closely with OST Global Solutions in shaping the foundations of our companies Business Development Team. We look forward to sending over employees to OST classes to improve our BD capabilities.”

Robert Morrison, Senior VP of Operations

“Advanced Capture Management class provides an excellent overview of tasks and steps in preparing for proposal development. Highlighted in this course are key suggestions; recommended approaches and research sites that will help with in capture management and execution. The course is an excellent primer for growing small businesses.”

John Huluski, Capture Manager

BAE Systems
“We came to this class believing we knew all there was to know about capture management. This course quickly highlighted areas where we could improve our offerings and do an even more thorough job in pleasing our customers.”

William T. Winnewisser, Capture Management

The Boeing Company
“Very useful course. Confirmed my current experience and provided some new tools. Well presented. Look forward to future training opportunities.”

Rob Belknap, Capture Manager

BAE Systems
“I have worked with consultants on one of the largest proposals my company has submitted so I witness all the successes and failures of our proposal/capture process. We have a long way to go to follow all the guidelines benchmarked in this course but I think it was a great starting point for us. This class helped build our BD department, educate our staff ISMES/DMS/VPS. Also on customer relations, gathering intel on our competitors, and using metrics to evaluate our position within the playing field.”

Erica Jennings, Corporate Advocate

Millennium Corporation
“This course really opened my eyes to the bigger picture of the BD process while still allowing flexibility for us to delve into the greater details when necessary or required.”

Molly Farney, Corporate Relations

Millennium Corporation
“No matter where you are in your career the Capture Management courses by OST Global Solution are extremely valuable to improving ones techniques.”

Sharon Sollom, Director/Corporate Relations

Daughtery & Associates
“The material presented in this course was the blueprint for developing a winning IDIQ proposal response. If there was ever a secret sauce for managing IDIQs from beginning to end, this course contains all the ingredients. I enjoyed the course so much, that I plan on attending yet another OST Global Solutions course to improve my Government contracting skills.”

Scott Souva, Operations Manager

Assured Information Security, Inc.
“I highly recommend this course to both professionals and novices who are interested in learning how to be successful in promoting their proposals and win Government contracts. The course is taught by an experienced professional who shares her winning strategies with the class in a teaching style that is faced paced but highly understandable. The key to the class is that it is application oriented: you learn the tools of the craft. I am a business development professional, I have attended other courses, but this is definitely the best of the best.”

Dr. Igor G. Plonisch, Vice President

Strategic, Assured Information Security, Inc.
“Informative workshop that provides the foundation to position your organization for successful capture. Highly recommend for any organization serious about generating revenue on grants and contracts.

Brian Fonseca, Director of Operations

Applied Research Center at Florida International University
“Our company is fairly new to the pursuit of large-scale IDIQs. The depth and breadth of Olessia’s [class instructor] experience are remarkable. She is a talented instructor and the class material is very clear and thorough. The class was tremendously helpful and I’d recommend it to anyone involved with multiple award or task order proposals.”

Peter Rice, Director, Business Development

MVM, Inc.
“This class has prepared me to better understand processes on industry side of house. I am now armed with questions for our teams to better understand how much our company has done to date. Then apply class lessons.”

Keith Harvey, Program Manager

Millennium Corporation
“Through continuous interaction with the class, multiple real-life examples, and a humorous approach, the instructor skillfully delivered a big volume of theoretic material. She kept the class engaged, encouraged experience exchange and provided a good number of solutions. I’m looking forward to coming back for more classes.”

Maya M.

“I am new in the Federal Government contract world. I am experienced in contract law, but writing proposals and integrating concepts with the Federal Government is new territory for me. This class helped me gain a better understanding of the proposal process, and introduced me to the steps I need in order to win IDIQ contract. I particularly liked the outlines and the organization of the classes.”

Stephanie Tipton, Contracts Administration

Praemittias Systems, LLC
“This was an excellent two-day learning and thinking event. I gained a lot of insight and “good ideas” I can implement.”

Kyle T. Burke, Vice President Mid Atlantic Region

Millennium Corporation
“This is a great class for everyone involved in the IDIQ, proposal, and capture management process.”

Ronda Gooden, Proposal Manager

Clinical Research Management
“This course was fantastic and provided me with a significant amount of information to bring back to improve our position on IDIQ vehicles.”

Beth Charron, Sr. Manager Subcontracts

Harris GCSD
“This course covers the macro strategy and micro tactical techniques to maximize IDIQ wins. It is a class for everyone at every level to optimize their trade. Great course!”

Shabnam Rentizios, IDIQ/Rapid Response Lead & Proposal Manager

“As a proposal manager with roughly 5 years in the business, I feel like I gained several tips, tricks, and secrets of the trade by attending this OST class. It covered the full lifecycle IDIQ proposal preparation, IDIQ award, all the way from techniques for winning tasks orders to dominating you IDIQ vehicle. I especially liked the suggestions for marketing the vehicle, as well as the many tools and resources we were educated about in class. With two full days packed with valuable information it is hard to cite every take-away, but the course was overall very engaging, fun, and extremely enlightening.”

Angela Hammond, Proposal Manager

Webster Data Communication Inc
“Very helpful process that gave great insight into IDIQ. I feel more confident and less overwhelmed.”

Ahsan Karzi, Co-owner/President of OPS

Altus Supply and Services
“OST Global Solutions has effectively and expertly condensed the challenging topic of IDIQ and task order business pursuit into a highly beneficial course of study that fully enables an attendee to pursue IDIQ/ TO Business.”

Eduard J. McDonald, Chief Marketing Officer

Akal Group of Companies

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