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Everyone operating in the Federal arena knows about uncertainty generated by budget cuts, looming sequestration, the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI), and the growing use of reverse auctions. Some things are certain: Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) evaluation factors are likely to become increasingly more popular, and winning in the cost volume has become the name of the game.

To thrive in this difficult environment, you have to master tree most important characteristics of a great cost proposal:

    1. The right price
    2. A persuasive supporting narrative that establishes price credibility while implicitly raising the bar for your competition; and
    3. Consistency between price, your pricing story, and your offer in the technical volume

Quite a few companies are not practiced in distinguishing themselves in the cost volume. Sadly, many proposal and capture managers leave their win probability at the mercy of others who develop the cost volumes.

Strategic errors include:

    • Failure to help the cost team who repetitively uses tired boilerplate instead of writing persuasive cost volume narratives;
    • Disengagement from pricing – even though price is often the most important part of the offer; and
    • Insufficient coordination and integration between technical and cost volumes.

OST is offering this free interactive one-hour webinar to enhance proposal professionals’ and company executives’ capacity to grow their Government contracting companies. The webinar stands alone—and previews—our Developing a Winning Cost Volume course from our Bid & Proposal Academy. Drawing from the course’s curriculum, the webinar will highlight several topics:

  • Roadmap to winning in cost volumes
  • The reasons to avoid boilerplate narrative
  • Content essential in a winning cost volume
  • Tips for writing a persuasive Cost Volume Executive Summary
  • Specific techniques a capture or a proposal manager can use to help tweak the solution to drive the costs down
  • Examples of steps a proposal or capture manager can take to help its cost team while improving price optics and reducing company risk

You will be able to ask questions during this live webinar, so other topics may be addressed.

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