Developing Task Order Pipelines

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Getting on a large Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) vehicle is a huge feat for many businesses, but winning a seat on the bus isn’t the ticket to success. Winning Task Orders is, and it’s not as easy as you may think. The real work begins after you get on an IDIQ, because the real money is in winning Task Orders, not just a spot on the greater vehicle. Those companies that don’t win Task Orders suffer little growth, while those that do win awards grow aggressively in the Federal market. For example:

  • On the Navy’s Seaport-e, 70% of awardees got just the minimum Task Order award.
  • The Army’s STOC II vehicle is even worse; 83% of participating companies received only the minimum award.
  • Those businesses that do succeed in winning Task Orders on IDIQs grow aggressively. For instance, 30% of small businesses on National Institutes of Health’s CIO-SP3 SB Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) have grown large within the first few years of the contract.

What’s the difference between those companies that win Task Orders and grow and those that limp along with minimum awards? It all boils down to how well you develop your opportunity pipeline.

Why  Many Businesses Fail to Win Task Orders Through IDIQs

Many companies succeed at getting on IDIQs and fail at winning Task Orders because they react too late to Task Order Request for Proposal (TORFP) issuance. Responses barely make the deadlines, because business developers learn about the majority of TORFPs only when they’re released. A lack of planning and preparation can cause a business to throw something poorly-written “over the wall” to meet a TORFP deadline, hoping they’ll win on price… and “hope to win” isn’t a strategy.

How to Win More Task Orders & Grow Your Business

One of the key components to winning multiple Task Orders and growing fast on IDIQ multiple award vehicles is having foresight into Task Orders that will be issued down the road. This requires a Task Order Pipeline for each IDIQ. Knowing well in advance that a Task Order will be re-competed, or how certain work could migrate from one IDIQ vehicle to another, will help you prepare and conduct capture.

Capture raises your win probability and, subsequently, increases your Task Order Proposals’ win rate. Instead of scrambling to put together a proposal response in a typical short deadline scenario of a week or two and throwing something together in a hurry, you’ll have time to research, plan, brainstorm on the solution, estimate your pricing, find partners, assess how to outdo your competition, and develop a sound win strategy.

We use a 10-step process to identify Task Orders for our clients’ pipelines, as illustrated below.

To elaborate further, when we help a new client identify the best Task Orders for their pipelines, we:

  1. Familiarize ourselves with our client’s company.
  2. Analyze core data to pull and isolate all Task Orders that flow through the vehicle.
  3. Apply taxonomies to narrow down the list to eliminate false positives by matching those Task Orders that best match the specific company’s capabilities.
  4. Narrow down the list of opportunities further based on the company’s characteristics and bidding preferences.
  5. Apply keyword scripts to combine automation with BD expert analysis.
  6. Prioritize opportunities using analytical judgement.
  7. Sort and group the remaining Task Orders to develop a focused list using 31 decision-impacting values.
  8. Perform a detailed review, examining each opportunity carefully.
  9. Qualify and validate opportunities through paid databases and customer calls.
  10. Review the list with our client to fully qualify the remaining opportunities.

Our methodology will give you advance warning of upcoming Task Orders that have been fully vetted for your company, giving you more time to prepare to submit Task Order proposals. You’ll learn about opportunities well before they come out, avoid the distraction of unqualified opportunities, and have more time to prepare, which will lead to an increased number of Task Order bids and wins.

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