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Advanced Capture Management

November 20, 2017 - November 21, 2017

Masterfully facilitate brainstorming sessions such as Black Hats, Win Strategy, and CONOPS workshops; perform advanced competitive analysis; create advantageous teaming arrangements; apply formulas to solution development; and much more. The course also focuses on measuring and improving cost-efficiency and effectiveness of the capture team.

This course takes capture management to the next level showcasing what does it take to maximize win probability and mastermind the most effective win strategy using cutting edge techniques.

 This course is for those who have experience with capture management. It builds advanced skills by offering a deeper understanding of theory and practice of capture management, expanding abilities through best practices-based methodologies, and providing tool sets for immediate implementation.

 It is an interactive 2-day workshop that is 50 percent lecture, 30 percent exercises and case studies, and 20 percent discussion.

Location: Metro Park North Business Center, 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 560, Rockville, MD 20855 (check our Visitor Guide for location details, driving directions, nearby hotels and restaurants, and more).

Course completion: By attending this class, you will receive 3 CEUs towards your APMP accreditation, or 3 PDUs towards your PMP. At the end of this course you will get a Certificate of Completion.

Who should attend this course: Proposal department directors, company executives and senior managers, capture managers, proposal managers, business developers, business owners, project personnel.

Course materials: Course workbook, handouts, templates, forms, and checklists.

Professional certification: This is a Core Curriculum Course that provides 2 units (2-days) towards Bid&Proposal Academy certification program for proposal professionals. To learn more about the program or enroll: www.ostglobalsolutions.com/certification

The experts who teach our business development, capture and proposal training are highly experienced currently practicing proposal professionals whose years of successful experience in Government acquisition and training allow them to offer valuable insights to our students. Our instructors can answer tough questions as they come up during the course. They can also tailor the material to their students’ specific challenges, and share their experience based on the most current realities. Check our instructor’s bios.

Registration and Fees

For team discounts please change quantity of attendees at the checkout and click “Recalculate” to get the discount. Register 3 weeks before class date and receive $100 off per attendee as an EARLYBIRD discount!

  • $1390 per one attendee ($1290 if registered 3 weeks before class date).
  • $1250 per attendee when registering a team of 3 or more ($1150 if registered 3 weeks before class date), discounts apply at the checkout.

Seating is limited. Do not delay registering.

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Cancellations and rescheduling policy: Cancellation notification must be received 10 business days prior to the training date. Upon notification, your registration fee will be refunded less a $100 non-refundable processing fee. Any cancellations beyond the 10 business days are non-refundable, but the course fee can be applied towards another training course, webinar, or an OST Global Solutions training product. No refunds will be made for the cancellation of a rescheduled course. Attendee substitutions may be made at any time. Payment must be received prior to the course date. No-shows are liable for the full class fee.

For additional questions please call 301-384-3350 during normal business hours. If you’d like to pay by invoice please send an email to service@ostglobalsolutions.com (NOTE: the payment must be received prior to the course start date).

Would you like to take this class remotely? We have webcasting capability. Please send us an email at service@ostglobalsolutions.com if you’d like to attend a class via live webcast The date and time will be the same as the classroom training.


“Thank you for the terrific class on Capture. I can honestly say that prior to your training I had no understanding of the concept or process of Capture, and now I have far greater understanding and value to the next company I join. My previous company was a small firm that approached Business Development as reactionary after the RFP was published and I saw firsthand how that approach was akin to rolling the dice and seeing what comes up. I will certainly take more of your courses and build upon the knowledge that you have helped me develop.”

Richard Krafsig, Business Development, Abacus-N-Bytes, TCS Associates

“I have been working on proposals for over 15 years, and I am always looking for areas to improvement. As the economic and competitive climates continue to change, it is important to always refine your skills and keep up with the latest techniques. This class really helped to discuss the overall capture strategy in more detail that what is covered in other seminars. The approach is one of practicality, and he identifies real-life solutions that for me could be immediately applied.”

Christopher S. Fedele, Business Development Manager, Moog, Inc.

“I really enjoyed the study material and the level of interaction with facilitators and students. The information was timely and facilitators were approachable. I will be making sure that friends and co-workers looking for a top-notch education in capture planning will have to attend OST Global Solutions.”

Brock Pilgrim, BD, NMAC

Learning Objectives

Upon course completion, the participants will have learned and be able to put into practice:

  • Understanding how advanced capture techniques offer an edge in a competition.
  • Building strong and lasting relationships with Government customers.
  • Shaping opportunities and requirements.
  • Gathering intelligence like a professional analyst, and distilling it to drive capture strategy and proposal development.
  • Facilitating win strategy development sessions.
  • Developing a solid value proposition.
  • Turning advanced win strategies into action.
  • Unseating incumbents and defending one’s position as an incumbent.
  • Using seven most useful competitive analysis techniques.
  • Understanding Price to Win and competitive analysis for Multiple Award contracts.
  • Facilitating Black Hat sessions that produce actionable intelligence.
  • Applying strategic principles to teaming.
  • Navigating the small business subcontracting rules to benefit from the socioeconomic programs and avoid hidden trouble.
  • Negotiating binding teaming agreement to protect bidder s’ interests.
  • Developing an executive summary, management, technical, risk, price strategy, past performance, resumes, staffing, and other approaches.
  • Pre-staging of capture materials for proposal development.
  • Focusing the capture effort and measuring its effectiveness.

Course Curriculum

Day 1 highlights

Module 1: Introduction
– Introductions and learning objectives.
– Recap: overview of the capture process for an advanced big-picture perspective.

 Module 2: Creating Lasting Customer Relationships
– How to create strong and lasting relationships with Government customers.
– Advanced techniques for building an effective rapport with Government customers
– Techniques for finding connections and engaging the customer before and after the communication channels close.
– Mind set for achieving the most results with Government customers.
– How to influence the RFP and shape customer requirements.
– Organizing key information about the customer and measuring customer relationship.
– Engaging decision-makers with a high level of influence.
– Legal aspects of customer relationship building or how to keep yourself and your company out of trouble.
Case Study: Determine correct and incorrect courses of action as applicable to a real-life scenario.

 Module 3: Gathering Intelligence Like a Pro, Focusing Time and Effort on Information Needed to Win
– Differences between data, information, knowledge, and actionable intelligence.
– Sources of information and degrees of their reliability.
– Where to find the right information on the web, and how to search for data like a professional analyst.
– How to harvest valuable intelligence from customer artifacts.
– How to distill information from open sources.
– How to analyze the data to make the right capture-related conclusions.
– Validating and testing data.
– A system for documenting intelligence that’s most useful for the proposal team.
Exercise: Research and analyze an opportunity based on the information provided.

 Module 4: Developing a Win Strategy that Packs a Punch
– Mastery in facilitating win strategy development sessions.
– Finer points of the win strategy development process.
– Key components of a strategy.
– Developing a value proposition.
– How to test quality of the win strategy.
– Types of successful win strategies.
– Effective use of ghosting.
– Strategy for unseating incumbents and defending one’s position as an incumbent.
– Taking your win strategies to the next level.
– Win strategy white paper and its mapping to the action items and solution development.
– Developing and tracking strategic action plans.
Exercise: Conduct a win strategy development session simulation.

Day 2 highlights

Module 5: Advanced Competitive Analysis to Exploit Competition’s Shortfalls and Neutralize their Strengths
– Seven most used competitive analysis techniques and their practical application.
– Applying intelligence gathering techniques to competitive analysis.
– Competitive analysis for IDIQs with multiple bidders.
– Price to Win analysis.
– A practical approach to conducting a Black Hat session that produces actionable intelligence.
– Turning competitive intelligence into strategic decisions and actions.
Case Study: Application of competitive analysis tools.

 Module 6: Teaming Strategies
– Strategic considerations that go into forming a team.
– When it is best to move forward with a teaming arrangement and when to wait.
– How to avoid diluting the scope and dealing with the risk of having too many teammates.
– How to choose between exclusive and non-exclusive teaming.
– Effective teaming techniques and precautions for teaming with competitors.
– Small business subcontracting.
– Understanding size rules and potential disqualifiers from bidding.
– Elements of a binding teaming agreement to protect bidder’s interests.
– How to negotiate for success and follow the Government contracting and subcontracting negotiating template.
– Negotiation tactics and appropriate responses.
Exercise: Compare strategic teaming scenarios and determine the most appropriate paths of action.

 Module 7: Solution Development
– Executive summary.
– Management solution.
– Risk management approach development.
– Technical approach development.
– Developing a price strategy.
– Advance preparation of past performance, resumes, staffing, and other solutions
– Pre-staging of proposal materials.
Exercise: Prepare risk matrix. Walk through the solution development checklists.

 Module 8: Capture Process Management
– Conducting gate reviews focused on results and measurements.
– Metrics for capture effectiveness.
Discussion: Technique applicability to participants’ organizations.

 Module 9: Summary
– Additional resources and bibliography.
– Summary.
– Recap.


November 20, 2017
November 21, 2017
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