Maximizing Your IDIQ Proposal Score

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Many GSA-type proposals and new generation GWACs use a template similar to this Alliant 2 form.
An example of past performance scoring template for a new generation GWAC.

Many Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Requests for Proposal (RFP) these days require responses that are not heavy in narrative and graphics. Instead, they are past performance and credentials-heavy, and require compliant responses that would achieve a higher score. General Services Administration (GSA) is especially fond of scored proposals, such as the giant Alliant 2, VETS 2, OASIS, multiple award contracts and Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC).

Although at a first glance the scoring system for such proposals seems deceptively simple, more strategy goes into preparing for these vehicles. Some points are a straightforward yes or no. You either have the required certifications and facility clearances or you don’t. Most points, however, depend on your selection of your relevant experience projects and which “buckets” you place them in to get the credit for those projects the way the Government views your past performances (the way the projects are classified in Government systems may not be the way you perceive the project’s relevancy). You also need to know how to get the bonus points for contracts based on size, task orders won on multiple award contracts, breadth of Government agencies served, number of performance areas/NAICS performed, and a record of positive past performance.

To add another wrinkle of complexity, some RFPs allow teaming, and others don’t. It is likely that teaming will be allowed for small businesses on most new IDIQ competitions since the 2016 Defense Authorization Act required the Government to allow small businesses the ability to team when pursuing contracts. Sometimes newly formed teams are penalized in points so any subcontractors must add more the penalty points for the partnership to make sense. Selecting a partner that increases the number of Government agencies served and adds more performance areas/NAICS/PSCs can easily add more points than GSA will subtract from your score. Selecting the right partner as a prime or sub, along with relevant experience projects, will be critical to securing your company’s position on a scored IDIQ contract.

Scored IDIQ RFPs have an anticipated number of awards and an associated cutoff score. Normally no one is privy to this score but our analysts calculate this score by doing laborious work of scoring every single likely bidder under the RFP or a draft RFP, using the systems that Government uses, and then rank the likely bidders according to their score. No other company claiming their knowledge of the scored vehicles goes through the trouble it takes to get an accurate prediction.

Other than a few tweaks required from your company based on some information that’s not publicly available, we know where you would rank in competitiveness. Through a comprehensive report, our business development experts will show you where your company ranks versus other companies (are you a shoe-in, vulnerable, near the competitive range, or have no chance?). You will also find out how to improve you score, how to prepare and plan your response, and what are the potential teammates that will complement and improve your score.

How You Will Benefit from Our GWAC Scoring Report

Our analysis will help you with three important aspects of scored IDIQ success:

  1. Bid-no-Bid decision (and you will either know that your money is well-spent or save your valuable B&P dollars in not pursuing something you couldn’t win)
  2. Pre-proposal planning:
    • Deciding what contracting officers/references you need to talk to ensure your past performances are categorized correctly in Government systems
    • Signing Teaming agreements, Contractor Teaming Arrangements (CTA), or joint ventures (JV) with the right companies to help maximize your score
    • Knowing what you need to prepare in advance in your credentialing
  3. Proposal preparation:
    • Presenting information in the right places to maximize your score
    • Ensuring your response is compliant and compelling

Get Your Report to Avoid Losing Billion-Dollar Opportunities on a Technicality

Our report will provide the information your company must have to execute the win strategy. We’ll show you where your weaknesses are compared to the other companies and how you can close those gaps. Rely on our expert analysis and verifiable data to make your teaming decisions versus relying on potential subcontractors’ claims. Let our experts give you a head start,

As an additional service, we will review your proposal for compliance. Get an independent set of eyes on your proposal to ensure a winning spot on some of the largest IDIQ vehicles.

To get started, purchase the report. Our business development expert will contact you within 24 hours of purchase, and will set up a time to obtain the necessary information to develop a custom deliverable.

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