Onsite Corporate Classes

Setting the Gold Standard for Proposal Training

Gold Standard Proposal Training & Business Development Training

We provide onsite coaching and corporate training on a very wide range of topics, including business development, capture, proposal management, proposal writing, solution development, oral presentations, IDIQs and task orders, and finer points of advanced business development topics. Our highly-experienced instructors—who are also industry-leading proposal professionals—can come to your office, teach a course to your team in our Rockville, MD, training facility, or host a live webcast for your dispersed workforce. They will also provide training materials and tools that will aid higher retention and serve as a reference that you will keep reusing.

Onsite training options include:

  • Standard courses (from our list of public courses) or customized to your particular needs (we can customize courses to fit your company and/or industry). All of our courses are broken into modules that you can combine in a variety of ways to design a custom course that best suits the needs of your personnel.
  • Courses offered in half-to-full-day sessions spread over a few days, a few months or a year.
  • Up to 25 people in the class, with discounts available for groups of 10 people or fewer.

Standard Courses

We currently offer standard courses listed in our Training Catalog that includes detailed descriptions and curricula for each class. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Methods for Training Personnel Onsite

  1. Concentrated one-day classroom “crash-course” training at your company in winning Government business, with modules customized to your immediate needs. This training will improve your win rates.
  2. Multiple-day, interactive, in-depth, hands-on seminars or workshop series to teach your team the capture and proposal techniques top Government contractors use to win nearly every pursuit. This is by far the most effective training, usually delivered over the course of three to six days, customized to your needs. After completing this course, your personnel will have the knowledge and a full suite of capture and proposal tools to grow your company.
  3. Course via series of short webinars, that are live capture and proposal classes delivered via live web cast (over the phone and internet) over breakfast or lunch breaks – at a time and for the duration that’s convenient for you. They are your best bet if your workforce is geographically dispersed, and is busy working directly on customer’s projects or proposals. For example, we can do a series of 1-hour or 1.5-hour modules at a time during one or even multiple weeks.
  4. Just-in-time training for your entire proposal team for your strategic pursuits – in person or via a webinar (that you can record and keep for future use). This will help you increase your probability of winning your must-win proposal.

Classes include attractive slides and hands-on exercises, detailed checklists and templates to refer to over and over again. We also issue certificates of completion to every participant.

Our classes often get the highest grades in review forms by participants, and our customers return to us for more training.

3 Reasons for Choosing Onsite Training

I. Get Everyone on the Same Train to Success. If you can situation when your everyone on a your proposal team seems to go in a totally different direction and hardly anyone is familiar or experienced enough with the winning proposal development practices, than onsite training is your option. You’ll get your ENTIRE team to benefit from improved capture and proposal management strategies and best practices, get everyone up to speed, enthused, and being able to work in tandem to maximize your win rate.

II. Save Substantially on Training Costs. Whether you need just one day for a small group or multiple days for extensive training for your entire team, OST Onsite Training delivers significant savings, no travel costs, no business or personal time lost to travel, and exceptional convenience with the same quality enjoyed in our public programs. We can make this happen in your building or at a nearby meeting facility of your choice, or through webinar (online video conference learning) for your territorially-dispersed workforce.

III. Build Practical Skills Through Real-World Examples and Exercises. Using our Onsite training programs you receive ample opportunity to discuss best practices and reflect on real-world situations specific to your company, and practice through numerous exercises during the class. This means that you and your colleagues can immediately apply ideas that work.

Have Questions About Our Business Development Training?

Connect with us or call 301-384-3350 with questions about any of our training options. We’d be happy to help you find the right business development training for you and your team.

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