Proposal Center Facilities

Run Your Proposals From Our Facilities

4,300 sq ft proposal facility in Rockville, MD available for you to develop a proposal offsite – where your personnel are collocated away from daily distractions.

We provide variety of clean and spacious office spaces perfect for running up to three proposals simultaneously in a class “A” modern corporate building with a free covered parking that is great in the inclement weather. Our proposal center is located next door to a central FedEx hub for convenient proposal shipping. This location is easily accessible from Virginia, Maryland, and DC (close to I-495, I-270, I-370, I-200, and 355). Check our Visitor Guide for location details, driving directions, nearby hotels and restaurants, and more.

  • 20+ people capacity conference room with configurable desks – could be used for kickoff meetings, color reviews, proposal work, or days when many teammates visit.
  • 10+ people capacity war room for proposal work and brainstorming.
  • 8+ people capacity war room for proposal work and brainstorming; could be dedicated to cost team.
  • 12+ people capacity boardroom for meetings, proposal work, and brainstorming
  • Additional 20+ people conference room in the same business park available for color reviews or brainstorming sessions.
  • Touch-down office for up to three people for telephone conversations and individual work
  • Break room for brainstorming, breaks, and food.

Five conference rooms, production room, touch-down office, and a break room provide ultimate flexibility necessary for modern acquisition environment.

Unlike executive offices or other temporary spaces, you have a dedicated, fully outfitted proposal space for just the duration you need, as if it were your own.

– If available, we can stand up a facility at a 12-hour advance notice or the next business day. There is only a 24-hour notice required to cancel facility use in case of a no-bid or procurement delay.

– No minimum time to lease a facility – you can easily run a 5-day task order or a 90-day pursuit – any duration is OK. A conference room is available for meetings at a convenient daily or hourly rate. Daily and monthly rates per person are available to accommodate proposal team size fluctuations.

Facilities Outfitted for Proposals

  • Document display rails in war rooms to post your proposals on the wall for review at a glance.
  • Whiteboards for brainstorming in all rooms.
  • Projectors or TV monitors to jointly work on documents or present slides.
  • High-speed printer, individual printers, copier, scanner, and shredders.
  • Office supplies such as staplers, tape, scissors, CD label applicators, and other proposal necessities.

Our production facility is capable of handling small task orders and mid-size proposals:

  • High-speed copier and printer with Fiery driver for more vivid colors and precise color control, capable of printing up to 12×18-size paper.
  • GBC binding machine and pouch laminating machine.
  • Electrical hole-punch, color laser printers, and tables for building and checking books.

Accompanying Benefits of Renting Our Proposal Offices

Proposal professionals on tap for just-in time proposal services:

  • Proposal professionals onsite to answer questions.
  • Proposal consultants available on demand.
  • Graphics, editing, production, and other help on tap for any duration, short or extended.

If you are strapped for budget or time, you can get professional help in a limited capacity. Delegate some or all of these tasks to us as needed, leaving you the time to concentrate on other important work:

  • Shred the RFP and prepare compliance checklist.
  • Build the draft annotated outline and prepare and later update the compliance matrix.
  • Set up proposal template and style sheets.
  • Pre-build storyboards or writers’ work packages, and
  • Prepare a kick-off package and conduct kick-off.
  • Conduct just-in-time training.
  • Organize and conduct proposal reviews and capture reviewers’ feedback.
  • Edit, polish, and produce your final proposal.

Telecommunications and security:

  • Polycom phone and conference system with nationwide calling, including conference bridge for up to 200 participants.
  • Fast and easy, secure high-speed internet and wireless ready to use.
  • DataWatch cards to enter the office and key for building access on weekends and after hours
  • Sign-in log and badges and door locks.
  • Conference rooms with blinds and a war room without windows available

Virtual proposal workspaces:

  • iMeet Central virtual workspace set up within 2 hours (web-based, with 256-bit high grade encryption, and customizable folder structure already set up for proposal).
  • Dashboard, documents, discussions, schedule and projects, tasks, proposal team directory, and even time log if desired.
  • Automatic version control and check-in/check-out, notification box for notifying the team when document has been posted.
  • Full integration with MS Outlook; can email the document into the workspace.
  • Activity reports every 2 hours or desired frequency.
  • Files available 2 weeks after proposal completion for download and archiving.
  • Tech and admin support included.

Refreshments and food:

  • Fully stocked kitchen:
    • Water cooler;
    • Keurig beverage center with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate;
    • Cups, dishes, utensils, and napkins;
    • Paper towels, hand soap, and dish soap;
    • Sugar, sweeteners, creamer, salt, and pepper;
    • Refrigerator with ice maker, dishwasher, toaster, microwave;
    • Large and comfortable break room.
  • Plentiful places to eat nearby:
    • Deli in the same office complex;
    • Restaurants around within 1-2 miles.
    • Delivery of any food, from pizza to sushi.

Visit our Proposal Offices to see how they fit your proposal needs:

call 301-384-3350 or email us at