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Proposal Graphics Conceptualization and Design

1- Day Live Training. Next Class is May 13, 2021.

This course provides the skills necessary to develop a concept for a proposal graphic that conveys your solution in a customer-centric way to contribute to the persuasive power of your proposal. 

This class will also show you how to ensure that your graphics have a professional look and feel, including graphics templates and design principles. All the skills taught in this class are specific to government proposals, which may be different from the traditional graphics design principles.

It is impossible to imagine modern sales and marketing without visual elements—and proposals are no different. Graphics serve as one of the most important proposal persuasion elements.

In addition to brainstorming on a graphic idea, this course  also shows you how to design an action caption, sketch a graphic concept, determine how to deliver a specific visual message to the government customer, and use professional graphic design principles and resources to make your proposal graphics look attractive.

Professional proposal graphics artists are not the only ones who need to learn how to conceptualize and design persuasive proposal graphics. It also happens to be an indispensable skill for capture managers, proposal managers, and proposal writers.

Desktop publishers and even editors will benefit greatly from this proposal graphics training, expanding their professional range and earning potential. This course will also help those who in the small government contracting businesses who not have the luxury of working with a professional graphic artist and have to design graphics on their own.

This course is 40 percent lecture, 50 percent practice, and 10 percent discussion. You will learn the entire process of creating visuals for your solution, from managing the graphics process to conceptualizing and designing large, graphics-intensive items like cover pages and spines.

The experts who teach our government business development, capture and proposal training are highly experienced currently practicing proposal professionals whose years of successful experience in Government acquisition and training allow them to offer valuable insights to our students. Our instructors can answer tough questions as they come up during the course. They can also tailor the material to their students’ specific challenges, and share their experience based on the most current realities. Check our instructor’s bios on our About Us page.
government proposal graphics training at B & P Academy
Location: OST Global Solutions, Inc., 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 560, Rockville, MD 20855 (check our Visitor Guide for location details, driving directions, nearby hotels and restaurants, and more).

Remote Attendance: This course is available via GoToMeeting with live video feed. The price per seat is the same as in-person participation. Many of our students save on travel costs and attend from other locations.

Professional Certification: This is either a major or elective class that provides 1 unit (1 day) towards Bid & Proposal Academy Certification (depending on the certification type). By attending this class, you will receive 3 CEUs or more towards your APMP certification, or PDUs towards your PMP (check with the PMI on what they will honor). At the end of this course, you will get a Certificate of Completion.

Who should attend this course: Proposal graphic artists, graphic designers, proposal managers, proposal writers, technical writers, proposal coordinators, proposal desktop publishers, proposal department directors, capture managers, project personnel that contributes content to government proposals, and any other proposal professionals who would like to round out your skills in developing persuasive and winning proposals. You don't need to be a professional graphic artist to attend this workshop.

Course materials: Course workbook, handouts, templates, forms, and checklists.
Proposal Graphics Conceptualization and Design Course Curriculum
Module 1: Introduction
  • Introductions and learning objectives
  • Introduction to graphics and their importance in a proposal
Module 2: Preparing for Graphics Development
  • Types of visuals in the proposal
  • ​Ideal proportion of graphics and text 
  • ​Resource planning for graphics development 
  • ​Graphics management process in a large, graphics-intensive proposal 
  • ​Rules and free resources for setting up a customer-centric graphics template and palette 
  • ​Establishing graphics sizes and mockups 
  • ​Exercise: Select a graphics template and palette for the proposal.
Module 3: Easy Principles of Graphics Conceptualization
  • Three steps to conceptualizing graphics
  • ​Unlocking the creative process 
  • ​Sources of inspiration and ideas 
  • ​Types of graphic representation, including an infographic representing your entire solution 
  • ​Developing customer-focused, persuasive action captions 
  • ​Determining the purpose for the graphic 
  • ​Exercise: Apply three steps to conceptualize a graphic and its action caption.
Module 4: Designing the Graphics
  • Seven cardinal graphics rules
  • ​Four design methods for creating graphics 
  • ​Sources of graphics templates and stock art 
  • ​How to select and apply graphics templates and stock art to ensure professional results 
  • ​Graphics tools and their capabilities and benefits 
  • ​Using PowerPoint and other commonly available tools to render professional graphics 
  • ​Basic design techniques and shortcuts in PowerPoint 
  • ​Exercise: Create the first draft of the conceptualized graphic using the available resources.
Module 5: Finishing Touches
  • Design principles such as alignment, proportion, and balance
  • ​Editing your graphics to create a professional look and feel 
  • ​Designing vignettes, pull-quotes, focus boxes, tables, and other visuals 
  • ​Exercise: Apply finishing touches to a graphic.
Module 6: Creating Covers and Spines
  • Setting up covers
  • ​Preparing cover text 
  • ​Selecting photos and images for covers 
  • ​Designing spines 
  • ​Designing CD covers 
  • ​Printing and applying CD covers 
  • ​Exercise: Design a proposal cover.
Module 7: Graphics in the Proposal Document
  • Preparing the graphics for insertion in the proposal
  • ​Graphics file types and sizes 
  • ​Placing graphics on the page 
  • ​Rules for referencing graphics in the proposal 
  • ​Exercise: Insert a graphic and its action caption in the proposal.
Module 8: Summary and Recap
Learning Objectives
The participants will learn and practice skills in:
  • Choosing the right type of visual to represent your information
  • ​Planning space for graphics and visuals in the document 
  • ​Allocating resources to account for graphic conceptualization, creation, and rendering 
  • ​Conceptualizing infographics and customer-centric representations of your solution 
  • ​Using basic design principles to create attractive graphics 
  • ​Finding and using graphics templates and stock art 
  • ​Developing powerful action captions to increase persuasiveness of the graphics 
  • ​Creating large, graphic-intensive proposal elements such as covers and spines 
  • ​Editing graphics to ensure a professional finish 
  • ​Inserting and calling out a graphic in the proposal.
“I have been working in proposals for 1 year. I understand design but conceptualization has always eluded me. This class helped me to learn to break down the process into manageable steps. I look forward to implementing this in my future projects. "
Rebecca Cole
Graphic Designer
“I am very new to proposals, and I have discovered it's a whole new world! This class has helped me understand the process / method needed to work through in order to develop effective graphics that support the proposal text and content. Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable and helpful! The discussion was very open and enlightening. "
Jill Mease
Graphic Designer
"I have only been the graphics go-to person in my department for a couple of months, so this class really gave me a better understanding of getting to the message - how to create an effective graphic that has purpose and deeper meaning for the customer. "
August Pitt
Desktop Publisher / Editor / Graphics Specialist 
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Proposal Graphics Conceptualization and Design
$695 per one attendee
$625 per attendee when registering a team of 3 or more
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May 13, 2021
Oct 21, 2021
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