Proposal Support

If you are short-staffed, your proposal load is heavy, or you don’t have the right skills in-house, we can get you the right help, often at a few hours’ notice:

  • Proposal managers and proposal coordinators.
  • Proposal writers for your executive summary, technical and management volumes, past performance, resumes, technical plans, and other proposal volumes.
  • Volume leads.
  • Proposal editors and desktop publishers.
  • Proposal graphic artists.
  • Cost strategists.
  • Pricing specialists.
  • Orals coaches.
  • Schedulers.
  • And every other professional needed to produce a winning proposal.

We are flexible. We will match our services to your needs. We can bring a whole team to develop your proposal, or one person to give you a hand with the specific tasks. If you are tight on budget, we can provide just-in-time support to help you outline your proposal, “shred” the RFP, set up the templates, and then review the proposal at specific points to ensure you are on the right track. In all cases, we will work with you as an integrated team.

We can support you onsite, remotely, or both. Our proposal professionals reside in the Washington, DC metro area and in various locations throughout the United States. Most of them are willing to travel to support your proposals. We are a 21st-century company with the most modern communication and collaboration tools – so we can also support you remotely. In most cases, this is a more budget-friendly way to proceed. We can also combine remote work with onsite meetings to benefit from both methods.

By hiring us to help you develop proposals, you are more likely
to win Government contracts and other business deals you pursue.

We are not a staffing company – we are a proposal house. This means that you don’t only get a proposal expert to help you, you get the support of a proposal company with its processes, tools, templates, and resources. We carefully select and vet our proposal consultants to ensure they fit the highest of our standard. While they are assigned to help you develop a winning proposal, we provide reach-back support to them using the collective power of our most senior personnel, and our best-practices-based toolset.

We are process-oriented. We are known as the thought leader in the proposal industry, with two of our team members on the board of directors of the APMP-NCA chapter. We have our own proposal processes used by the top Government contractors. OST methodology applies a deliberate proposal process, which results in less stressful, more predictable, and better-managed proposal efforts. This contributes to a higher win rate and better-organized and more capable proposal teams. Our consultants are trained in OST method of developing winning proposals. Our processes have enabled us to win more than $18 Billion for our clients since our inception in 2005. We can either work synergistically with your proposal process, or apply our own process if little or no formal proposal process exists. We can use our own process in companies, or customize our methodology to achieve a synergy with the processes already in place in your organization.

Areas of Specialty. Because of our broad base of expertise from more than 650 proposal experts, we cover almost any area of proposal development:

  • Regular “requirements” Government proposals in response to RFPs
  • Responses to RFIs, unsolicited proposals, and other types of submissions
  • Multiple award contracts (IDIQ, GWAC, MAC, MATOC, MAS, BPA, and others)
  • Short turnaround, page-limited Task Orders and Delivery Orders
  • Commercial, state, and local Government proposals
  • Performance-based contracts
  • Oral proposals

We have supported proposals for all 15 cabinet agencies, and other U.S. Government and foreign Government entities. For each pursuit, our goal is to be fully compliant and to give your prospective Customer compelling reasons on why you should win, because there is no second place in proposals.

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