Federal Proposal Management Training – Self-Study Courses & Professional Tools

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Federal Proposal Management Training with Manuals, Presentation Recordings, and Professional Proposal Development Tools that Can be Reused from Proposal to Proposal

Foundations of Federal Government Business Development (On-Demand)

This is digital access to professionally editing recordings of the Foundations of Federal Government Business Development live training at $390 off the price of the live course. You will get 90 days access to this training which provides must-have skills in federal government business development.

This Government Business Development training offers essential skills in professional business development for government contractors selling services and solutions to the Federal Government. The two-day course begins with an overview of the Federal business development (BD) process and what it takes to succeed in the profession. It proceeds to the basics of U.S. Government business. It then focuses on the nuances of Government contracting that every Federal business developer has to understand in order to win contracts, such as rules of the socioeconomic program for small businesses, and how you can make the program serve your goals even if you do not directly qualify for the benefits.

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Foundations of Proposal Management (On-Demand)

Federal Proposal Management Training SeriesThis is digital access to professionally editing recordings of the Foundations of Proposal Management live training at $390 off the price of the live course. You will get 90 days access to this training which provides must-have skills in managing government proposals.

It includes the proposal process, federal RFP analysis, and steps of the proposal development process from kickoff to color reviews (Pink Team, Red Team, Gold Team, White Glove) and submission. The class focuses on agile proposal management principles beyond traditional reviews that work in the current page-limited, short-deadline environment.

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Writing Management Sections in Government Proposals

How would proven and specific guidance change the impact of your federal proposal management sections?

That’s what we’re offering in our “Writing Management Sections in Government Proposals” product.

The management section is your opportunity to show that you have a proven method to deliver your projects on time, within budget, and with high quality. You will stand out by focusing on customer-preferred methodologies and think through the solution in a systematic way, instead of sticking to boring formulas. Find out how.

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Blueprint for Federal Business Development

Federal Proposal Management Training SeriesFind more opportunities in Federal Proposal Management Training, write winning proposals, and win multimillion-dollar contracts to grow your small business in the Federal market. This is a complete system with a 600+ page manual, 30 hours of recorded presentations, templates, process maps, checklists, and examples that will help you perform market research, find Federal opportunities, conduct capture to prepare in advance for RFP issuance, write winning proposals, secure multimillion-dollar contracts to grow your small business in the Federal market, and grow your proposal center capability to catapult your company into a leader in your market segment.

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Task Order Manual Template

Task Order Manual Proposal Management ToolsReusable professional toolset (electronic Word template)instant download

Organize your Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) team to dominate the competition and maximize your return on investment by consistently winning Task Orders. A well-written Task Order Manual for an IDIQ vehicle can work wonders. It is a living document that contains all the most important information and strategies for your IDIQ, including procedures on how you assign Task Order work, how Task Orders get evaluated, what presentation approaches will win for this particular customer, where to find all the important data for this IDIQ, and other vital information.

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Ebook: 10 Success Factors for Building a Government Contract Opportunities Pipeline

Success factors in building federal proposal management opportunities pipelineOur comprehensive Ebook will teach you how to grow your business and experience the immediate confidence that comes from understanding all the factors that go into making a pipeline development process successful, including:
o How to develop pipelines of qualified contract opportunities
o What tools are available to you and your team
o Important dos and don’ts of the pipeline development process

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Executive Summary Secrets

Executive Summary Secrets to Win More Government ContractsThis global best-seller self-study course (audio CD and a workbook) provides a six-part formula for developing highly persuasive executive summaries with detailed step-by-step instructions and examples to make your proposals truly sell your offer, and to persuade the evaluators to award to you.

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A Proposal Manager’s Essential Checklists

Federal Proposal Manager's Essential ChecklistsThis is an indispensable reusable tool for proposal managers and coordinators. It is a set of checklists for every key stage of the proposal process: RFP Analysis, Pre-Kick-Off Preparation, Data Calls, Day-to-Day Management, Advance Preparation for the Reviews, and others, to make proposal managers’ and proposal coordinators’ jobs easier, more effective, and more efficient – and you never miss a step or have to wonder what to do next. This tool will save you time and aggravation over and over again.

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Proposal Resources Estimating Guide

Proposal Management Training Resources Estimating GuideThis is a handy guide for determining the required manpower and hours to calculate how much a proposal should cost. It will serve as a valuable reference for capture managers, proposal managers, division directors, and business owners to help estimate, plan, and track proposal resources with confidence – for both your proposal center workforce and for consultants.

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