We Have a VA Approved Training Program for Your Veteran Employees

OST’s Government Business Development Apprenticeship Training Program was accepted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs effective May 27, 2020. Please watch this quick video on the details and the benefits it provides to Veterans interested in developing their government Business Development skills.

To learn more or to register, call 301-384-3350 or click the link  below to schedule a discussion.

The Government Business Development Apprenticeship program is 1-year, earn-while-you-learn, training program that helps companies to produce internal Business Development Specialists. The Apprenticeship program is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway, where employers can develop, and prepare their future workforce; and employees can obtain paid on-the-job (OJT) work experience, classroom instruction, and earn a nationally recognized credential.   

Government Business Development Apprentices assist government contractors in all aspects of winning business and achieving higher bid, capture, and win rates.  

This program combines knowledge across the entire business development spectrum, from market analysis and pipeline development to capture and proposal development.  

Benefits for the Employer

  1. Higher employee retention.
    • Apprentices have a 91% Retention Rate nationally according to the U.S. Department of Labor
  2. Grow your internal skilled workforce while growing your business.
    • Get customized training resulting in highly-skilled employees that increase your bid, capture, and win rates.
  3. Increase knowledge transfer through on-the-job learning with an experienced mentor, combined with education courses to support work-based learning.
    • Our systematic approach to training ensures employees are trained and certified to produce results.
    • Apprentices learn new skills monthly over time that are designed to develop your business
  4. Classroom instruction is limited to only one to two days a month so they will not be gone for long periods of time for training. 

How Do Veterans Can Get Paid for the Training?

The OST Apprenticeship tuition fee is $9,500. With the VA reimbursements, the costs will be covered in full or partially during the course of the program. In addition, Apprentices earn salary increases through the program. There are 2 ways to pay for tuition: 

  • Employer pays for the tuition, and receives reimbursement from the Veteran. 
  • Veteran pays for the tuition, and receives reimbursement each month from the VA. 

The VA issues payments to the Veteran each month after receiving a report on their hours. The VA reimburses Veterans at a rate of 100% for the first 6 months of the program, and then at a rate of 80% for the second six months, at the point when the Veteran’s salary increases.   

To learn more or to register, call 301-384-3350 or click the link  below to schedule a discussion.