Winning Edge Package

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Winning Federal Contracts



The key to successfully growing federal contracting revenue is to consistently identify, prepare for, and write proposals for winning Federal contracts.

Through 10+ years of consulting, OST has helped many businesses of all sizes and found the key areas where government contractors struggle, preventing them from winning. We have designed the Winning Edge Package™ to focus on key tasks that have a significant impact on raising your win probability (Pwin).

Winning Federal Contracts

Our team of business development professionals will:

  • Guide you in putting together a sound business development strategy
  • Set up and fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities that are a perfect fit for your business
  • Lead regular pipeline reviews and manage the pipeline so that it is always up to date and has opportunities to bid on a monthly basis
  • Lead win strategy development for each qualified opportunity, to come up with powerful win themes, messages, and strategic actions for a successful capture effort
  • Structure and review your Request for Information (RFI) and Sources Sought responses
  • Help you conduct Bid/No-bid reviews so that you only spend money on proposals you can win
  • Develop proposal templates with annotated outlines that are compliant from the beginning, with detailed instructions on what to write in each section
  • Review your proposal, giving feedback on exactly how to improve your proposal and increase your evaluated score

By infusing excellence at these critical points along the business development lifecycle, our Business Development and proposal experts will increase your Pwin and give your company the edge over the competition.

This service is designed to augment your current staff by making them more effective through disciplined, repeatable processes and grow your company. Our team of highly trained Business Development (BD), Capture, and Proposals professionals deliver this service at a fraction the cost – making it affordable to run business development “the right way.” We will unchain your BD staff from their desks so they can focus their efforts and forge the relationships necessary to sustain growth over the long term. We will shape your pursuits so that you are more likely to win.

To ensure accountability, we will track the performance of our business development analysts, senior business development professionals, and proposal experts through the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that have the greatest impact on Pwin, delivering an outstanding service and producing results.

This package is all about getting you to winning federal contracts, raising your Bid Rate, Capture Rate, and Win Rate. We are dedicated to improving your metrics, getting you a series of new wins, while saving precious B&P dollars.

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